Coyote Grooves Releases his First Album, One Song a Month

Coyote Grooves, a Soul Rock Solo Artist from Atlanta recently started releasing the first of his three albums in a story-centric format. Each month, he would release one song, and they all center on his reflections on truth and home. His recently released single is titled ‘Fools (Gold)’.

Music develops with the interpretation of the individual and the soul, and the Atlanta-based musician Coyote Grooves centers on that in his new album. This Soul Rock Solo Artist is releasing his collection of original songs slowly, the first of which released in the streaming services in 2020. To elaborate, this singer-songwriter took a time of self-reflection for years and has currently started releasing the music that he made during.

Soulful and open, the songs focus on various views and understanding that Coyote Grooves felt during these years of his life. Paying homage to this search and journey of his, the multi-talented musician is releasing his album in the form of a story. He plans to drop the singles month after month instead of dropping the entirety in one go. This is an interesting way of constructing a story, and the soulful and melodic tunes keep the listeners engaged. 

Recently, he dropped the track ‘Fools (Gold)’ from his self-releasing first album named ‘Heading West: An American Oddity’. With a strong adoration and respect for nature all around, these songs reflect on the truth of life and the meaning of home. Not to mention, the following songs that this artist would keep releasing each month would progress on the same wavelength. Moreover, the songs end with an old taped recording that adds to the feel of passing time and life and how they are related. 

Indeed, the genre is soul-rock, but many different music lovers would find something to relate to this music. The tunes are lilting and smooth, and the lyrics in ‘Fools (Gold)’ are interesting to listen to and interpret. However, it is the union of the music and the lyrics that the artist has focused on, and that is visible. Overall, it is an interesting concept and it leaves listeners and fans wanting more. 

About Coyote Grooves:

Coyote Grooves, or Cody Belford, is an Atlanta based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has a deep love for nature and writing and enjoys creating new artistic content. After staying in isolation for years with mainly his music for company, he wrote, recorded, and mixed many songs that he put into three albums. His passion is simple; his main focus mostly towards creativity and touching people’s hearts with his voice and words. He enjoys traveling and seeing the wonders of nature, and takes inspiration from his treks and life, and then creates beautiful songs. Coyote Grooves made three albums, the first of which he is releasing currently in the form of a story album on Spotify and Apple Music. There are three singles on his first album, the recently released ‘Fools (Gold)’, ‘Not A Day Goes By’, and the titular  ‘Heading West’. 

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