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Though it started off as a traditional brokerage, APT212 has evolved to become the go-to source & service for finding furnished and well-maintained rental homes in New York. New York’s rental policies and industry landscape are constantly changing, but APT212 has continued adapting and improving to consistently bring the best customer experience, from fit to price. APT212’s mission is to always bring customers a perfect home away from home.

The APT212 online experience is seamless and very user friendly, clients can easily find and book apartments on their own. In addition, the APT212 staff is dedicated to working with their customers to ensure that every home is a match. The thing that sets APT212 apart from competitors is their commitment to service throughout the entire rental process. Also, APT212 serves a wide clientele, from families looking for luxury apartments to first-year students looking for private rooms.

There is always a reasonable fear of scams and fraud, especially when it comes to renting shared apartments. Landlords may charge outrageous rent for shabby housing or even disappear altogether after initial payment. With APT212, there’s never a compromise on quality of service, and they practice strict verification processes for all partnered landlords and properties. The offered properties are stylish and popular amongst students, interns, and professionals alike. Plus, affordable selections are located all across Manhattan’s popular neighborhoods, even the typically pricier ones! All properties are furnished, move-in ready, and optimized for work, study, or anything else the client needs.

APT212 recognizes it’s already a struggle to find both affordable and reliable housing, which is why they are serious about making their customer experience as stress-free as possible. The rentals on offer are comprehensive and vary from spacious, fully furnished 6-bed luxury homes to cozy, 2-bed options. Some spaces offer comfy lounging areas designed for co-working, socializing, or even cooking in a fully-equipped kitchen. At the end of the day, APT212 prioritizes customer needs over rushing profits. 

Available rentals come with hassle-free amenities like included Wi-Fi internet and cable TV. Considering all services and amenities included, APT212 apartments are some of the most budget-friendly, cost-effective, and custom offerings on the market. The rooms run as cheap as $1400 for studio apartments, with the option to split costs between multiple tenants. In most cases, even utility costs are divided per room and are conveniently deducted from the security deposit.

Whether you are new to the city, between leases, or a student only here for a semester, leases run from a month minimum to as long as you wish. To streamline the booking process, APT212 minimizes paperwork and handles negotiations.

Another thing worth mentioning is the APT212 site, which offers easy navigation and comprehensive information on properties, neighborhoods, booking process, and more. They also provide a nifty FAQ section, just to save everyone time.   

So here comes the big question: Why APT212 and not another marketplace? Let’s review. A streamlined amd hassle-free booking process. A wide range of affordable properties with reliable availability. Enthusiastic staff that is dedicated to customer experience, fit, and satisfaction. Lastly, APT212 is well reviewed across multiple rental platforms, particularly for excellent communication and service. You can choose to trust this article or trust other customers, but it looks like we’ve got our answer.

APT212’s service is worth writing home about. From the competence of their agents to the company’s understanding of the New York market, they’re the number one source for New York furnished apartments for a reason. From answering customer concerns to inspecting and ensuring your rental is up to spec – they’ve got you covered on all fronts. So don’t miss this chance to find the perfect New York rental.

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