Knee Pain Therapy San Jose: Lockdown Is Not A Reason To Forget Taking Care of One’s Body

COVID-19 has lots of people practicing social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding public as much as possible. Some are adopting a more sedentary lifestyle because of it, and this, according to Scott Lamb, owner of Muscle Activation San Jose, is the worst thing that a person can do.

Lamb is a pain specialist and a fitness trainer in San Jose, California. He has seen some of his clients plans change because of the virus, but this does not mean they need to sit around and do nothing. He advises every one to get up and move as much as possible.

Lamb is offering online programs to help his clients stay active and minimize pain. He offers a full line of therapies, but his knee pain therapy in San Jose, CA, is one of the most popular for his clients. Those who participate in his programs find greater flexibility and less pain.

Those looking for joint pain therapy in San Jose, CA, can get consultations online during the lockdown. This way, clients are comfortable and much more likely to participate when they can work at their own pace and do the exercises independently.

“Muscle pain is only one part of what I offer to my clients. I do lots of joint pain therapy at my practice here in San Jose, California. It, too, can be scheduled online. Many of my clients appreciate the convenience of what I can offer them,” said Lamb.

Lamb offers a variety of options for new and established clients alike at his website. Visit for a list and contact information.

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