New York Based Artist D.riot Providing Memories with its Latest Release “Take to the Sky”

Music is an art and an activity, with sound as its medium. Music makes you calm and relax. It can hike your mood and make you excited. It has become an important part of our lives. It has become a way of expressing our emotions and feelings. 

The struggle is at the core of everyone’s success, and it is even more relevant when it comes to artists in the music industry. As technology is not the issue now, music artists are coming up from various parts of the globe. At such time, it is really important to remain relevant to listeners by constantly re-inventing music styles, vibes, and perspectives. The audience is looking for new and unique musicians who are original. In that context, D. Riot is moving up the ranks. He got thousands of streams for his latest single “Take to the Sky (2020)”.

D. Riot: Biography

D. Riot is a musician from Brooklyn, New York. New York is famous for rock, jazz, soul music, disco, and many other genres of music. It is the birthplace of hip-hop. D. Riot is a personality from Brooklyn who is not only a musician but an illustrator, an animator, an artist, a writer, as well as an art teacher. He is undoubtedly a man of millennium. D. Riot loves getting into the hip-hop and rap genres. He also enjoys sketching most of his time. 

D. Riot has been writing music for some years now. He creates uplifting music without any cursing, negativity or any acts of violence. He believes that even if you might have witnessed it or even been a part of it, glorifying it will only feed more of it, and there is already enough of it in our world and community. He hopes that he can inspire his generation with his music. He wants to motivate not only his generation, but also the upcoming generations.

D. Riot Songs

D. Riot’s latest release “Take to the Sky” got the most response as compared to his previous releases. His other two singles are “Higher” and “Take to the Sky”. His single “Take to the Sky (ft. Mr. Speed)” released in 2017 and has a runtime of 3:05 minutes. It is a hip-hop and  rap genre, featuring the artist & producer Mr. Speed. Released in 2018, “Higher”, a hip-hop or rap genre, had a runtime of 3:20 minutes. The music is an amazing piece of art which can’t keep you still.

“Take to the Sky”, his latest release has a runtime of 3:08 minutes. John E Lopez wrote the song. This song is dedicated to all those who never give up and continue to aim high. People who persevere through the trials and tribulations life throws at us on a daily basis. None of his songs can’t make you stay in place. They all encourage you to dance!

D. Riot Spotify Streams

If you observe on Spotify, D. Riot has an average of thousand monthly users all over the globe. All his songs – “Take to the Sky ft. Speed (2018)”, “Higher (2018)”, and “Take to the Sky (2020)” have an average of a thousand streams on the platform.

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