“Rara”: Ella Bric opens the door to musical diversity

Jazz, urban and R&B come together in an installment that is looking for the removal of musical labels and the entertainment of people.


Ella Bric, also known as Linda Briceño on the music scene, presents “Rara”, a single inspired by the joy of people when they have fun, when they dance and when they escape from divisions and positions through music.

With jazz, urban and R&B influences, this alternative project reinvents and presents a more authentic and natural image of the artist: “It is a different and fun subject that includes what everyone knows about me, the trumpeter, the producer, but also It enhances a character that I have worked with since I was very young and that finally comes to life. It is, in addition to a combination of genres, the balance of all the musical influences to which I have been exposed throughout my life and storytelling,” she explained.

“Rara” is the first single from Ella Bric’s next album to be titled Selfie, the singer and producer’s most intimate and personal production, with a creative gestation of seven years and a development in unusual conditions during the quarantine period. “I have waited a long time for this moment, for the birth of this stage in which I seek to reach all ears and musical tastes; I’ve been musically trained for years and I’m excited to show people tunes that have been a secret for a long time.

“The professional objective is that my music has no borders, that it reaches more and more corners, and that it becomes an example of resilience for independent and emerging artists.”

For those who wonder what will happen to the jazz player and trumpet player? Ella Bric explains that jazz will always be in her DNA, “what I try to do is break the stereotype of classifying the artist for a musical genre, even I did it in the past, but fortunately trends have changed and we can contribute a lot from our place creating something different and opening more spaces.”

Collaborators such as Orestes Gómez, David Alastres, Mario Cáceres, Yasmil Marrufo and Claudia Prieto participated in this project, both in production and composition. “This team not only contributed its differentiating element, but also taught me to open up to new proposals from my musical reality.”

“Rara”is the first in a series of steps for Ella Bric such as the release of  her conceptual album Selfie, the release of one song per month, and the increasingly frequent collaboration with artists of different genres. Listen to “Rara” on Spotify™, Apple Music™, Google Play Music™, Amazon Music™, YouTube Music™ and TIDAL™.

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