Combination Shower and Whirlpool Baths Now More Extensive and With Better Discounts at JT Spas

Modern bathrooms are now being outfitted with the best in luxurious bathroom elements, but nothing can be as luxurious as whirlpool baths. In the past, whirlpool baths were not a common sight in the bathroom, but thanks to advancements in technology, whirlpool baths can now be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own home. Today, JT Spas delights more customers with its more extensive collection of combination shower and whirlpool baths, now offered with even better discounts.

JT Spas customers know that when they shop with JT Spas, they will not only get the best in customer service – they will get some great prices on various products as well. The product range at JT Spas is set to astound any new visitor to the site, and regular customers will be quick to attest that JT Spas has given them all they need when it comes to outfitting their bathrooms and making their bathrooms much more functional – and luxurious.

But when it comes to the best in modern luxury, nothing makes quite the same statement as a whirlpool bath. Whirlpool baths have long been fixtures in spas, but today, even the average homeowner can already take advantage of a whirlpool bath’s benefits in their own bathrooms. JT Spas has partnered with some of the best whirlpool bath manufacturers, bringing an amazing collection of whirlpool baths to its customers who want nothing but the best.

Today, customers who aim for a complete bathroom transformation with the addition of a whirlpool bath will be delighted to know that JT Spas has more to offer, especially in terms of its combination shower and whirlpool bath range. The shower and whirlpool bath combination allows users to hit two birds with one stone since with it, users can take a quick shower but also benefit from a whirlpool bath when they feel like relaxing for a longer time.

JT Spas has plenty in store, including the Jupiter L-shaped whirlpool shower bath, which comes with eight jets and measures 1700mm. This combination whirlpool and shower bath is now offered for only £579. And for customers wanting a complete set, JT Spas also offers the Jupiter B-shaped whirlpool shower bath with six jets, a toilet, a cistern, and a pedestal and washbasin for only £579. To browse through the huge whirlpool bath range and collection only available at a supplier like JT Spas, visit the website.

About JT Spas

JT Spas has long proven to be the best source of a wide variety of products for the modern and contemporary bathroom, with products that include bathroom suites and bathroom furniture, taps, basins, and radiators, toilets, baths, shower cabins and enclosures, and even whirlpool baths. To have a look at the current whirlpool bath selection, visit the company’s website today.

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