Digital Real Estate University helps students understand and build digital asset businesses

Colorado Springs, CO – July 29, 2020 – More than 4.8 million Americans don’t have a job. That’s more than 11 % of the workforce that is waiting for someone to give them a break so that they can start providing for themselves and their family. With businesses hesitant to reopen and stimulus checks set to run out, now isn’t the to wait for a business to give you a job; it’s time to get into business for yourself.

Joshua T. Osborne, founder and CEO of BAM, knows all too well about how many millions are struggling financially. That’s why he created the Digital Real Estate University. Digital real estate refers to the online presence billions of companies and individuals have around the world. While not a brick-and-mortal asset, digital assets are just as lucrative. Digital Real Estate University offers easy to follow, step-by-step classes designed to teach individuals how to navigate the digital asset marketplace.

“So many people are wondering how they are going to make it through the next few months,” says a concerned Osborne. “They’re wondering if their job is going to come back or wondering if companies are finally going to start hiring again. I’m proud that we’re offering people a whole new way of thinking. Why wait for someone else to change your job prospects, when you can change your own career path and improve your earning potential and skill level almost immediately.”

Digital Real Estate University classes provide real-world lessons such as how to launch a lead generating business, how to win over business owners after COVID-19, how to get the support of the digital marketing community, how to identify the secrets of growing a digital marketing agency in 2020, learning how to outsource and run a remote team, discovering how to create passive reoccurring income and learning how to create your very own digital real estate empire.

Classes are online and are designed to work with any schedule. Access to all course materials is available 24 hours a day. More than 250 interesting and easy to understand lessons are available. Tuition at the Digital Real Estate University, which can be tax deductible, provides student with one full year of uninterrupted access to lessons, as well as one-on-one assistance from the in-house coaching team. Students also have the opportunity to interact with others who are taking the courses; a rare and invaluable way of building a solid team of future colleagues.  

“This isn’t a business like creating or using Facebook ads where it’s extremely difficult to get any traction or to make any money. You don’t have to start up totally alone and assume a whole bunch of risk and put out a huge initial investment, then hope it all works out. This is a business that individuals could set up tomorrow and see rapid results. Digital Real Estate University students build a solid base of knowledge through the easy to access video lessons. They have colleagues they can interact with and who can support them as they start their business, and just like university professors who have office hours, our students have access to our in-house coaches. I’m proud to be offering students the opportunity to take control of their own lives and stop worrying about the future.”

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