Just released. New modern tactical backpacks from 3V Gear.

Just released. New modern tactical backpacks from 3V Gear.

“New 3V Gear modern tactical backpack line.”
Tactical bags and backpacks haven’t changed much over the last few decades. That has changed with the new line of backpacks from 3V Gear. The 3V Gear Redline utilizes modern materials and design elements that make these bags a great choice for the person who wants the benefits of a tactical backpack but made with modern styling.

Tactical bags and backpacks have been designed in the past for the needs of the military and law enforcement. Many of these bags have trickled down to civilians based on their features, robust build, and military styling. 3V Gear has been designing and manufacturing classic tactical bags and backpacks for almost ten years. Their new line of modern tactical backpacks changes this.

3V Gear’s new Redline of bags and backpacks utilizes modern materials and sleek styling, while maintaining the same great features they are known for in their tactical bags.

“We designed the Redline bags to give the user a much better bag experience. Tactical bags are notoriously heavy and lack many of the benefits of modern fabrics. The Redline uses a combination of heavy-duty ripstop and nylon to make a lightweight and durable backpack,” says Kirk Sample, Marketing Director for 3V Gear.

You may ask why this new line has changed from the classic tactical look of their bags. 3V Gear says that more and more of their customers are interested in the gray man lifestyle. “Gray Man” is a term that is used to describe someone who possesses skills and abilities but moves without drawing any attention to themselves. This has become more common with survivalists who carry a get home bag or bug out bag. These individuals do not want other people to know what they may be carrying in their bags.

“Gray man is becoming more essential these days,” says Kirk. “So far in 2020, we have seen dozens of scenarios when one would be wise to have a prepared bag. This could be a pandemic, a riot, a disaster, etc. In many cases, carrying a bag that looks tactical could make you stand out in a negative way. We like to think people would not lose their humanity in these situations, but it doesn’t hurt to blend into the crowd.”

The 3V Gear Redline consists of five new bags and backpacks. The flagship of this line is their new Sovereign Internal Frame 50 Liter Backpack. This backpack was designed to carry a larger load as is evident by the robust shoulder straps and thick waist belt. 3V Gear says it was designed for longer excursions or as a discreet bug out bag. The Redline also consists of an everyday carry (EDC) style backpack, an anti-theft backpack, a hydration backpack, and a laptop messenger bag. Definitely a lot of choices for someone looking for a modern tactical bag or backpack.  

3V Gear has always had a difficult time with other brands copying their designs and fraudulent bags. To help alleviate this, 3V Gear has created a custom and unique topographical liner design for all of their Redline bags. This liner design is a topographical map of the Wasatch Front Mountain Range in Salt Lake City which is the backyard of 3V Gear.

“Not only did we want to make it more difficult for our bags to be copied, but we also wanted to pay homage to the mountains that are such an integral part of our lives,” says Kirk, when asked about the topographical liner.

The new Redline from 3V Gear is a unique twist on the tactical backpack and will definitely appeal to someone wanting a more modern and sleek tactical backpack.

Learn more about the 3V Gear Redline bags at 3vgear.com 

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