Pure Maintenance Uses Patented New Dry Fog Mold Removal Technology

Pure Maintenance Uses Patented New Dry Fog Mold Removal Technology
Pure Maintenance Cascades is a prominent company which at one time offered an array of property cleaning and maintenance services. The company has now changed its business model to specifically use a unique patented method to permanently remove mold from any building or residential property.

Pure Maintenance Cascades is a renowned mold removal and property maintenance company based out of Vancouver, Washington and serving the Coast, Columbia River Gorge and Central Washington. Always highly geared towards innovative solutions, the company is providing a unique new dry fog method for mold removal that has proven to offer an array of benefits over traditional methods of mold and mildew mitigation. Driven by the mission to offer a memorable customer experience with long-lasting results, Pure Maintenance Cascades has been heralded by clients from all across the Region who recommend the company to their friends and family.

A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement to discuss the new Dry Fog Technology “Here at Pure Maintenance Cascades, we have constantly raised the bar high in terms of the services and the customer experience our company offers. Over the years, we have worked consistently to introduce innovative new techniques within our niche and provide services that were previously not available within the area we cover. The patented new Dry Fog Technology serves as a testament to our quest for cutting-edge new solutions that not only provide guaranteed results but also cut down on costs and energy consumption.”

The spokesperson further added “We have added this new technology to our portfolio because it offers twice the convenience and twice the benefits when compared to traditional methods. This simple two step fogging method covers every corner of the home without getting anything wet. Due to its deep-penetrating qualities, the dry fog technology can effectively remove mold without having to tear out carpets and sheet rock. Not only is it highly effective on surface spores and airborne spores, it is also completely safe for human and pets, which means our clients do have to vacate the property while we take care of the mold but not for long. We can complete mold remediation in an average 1500sq ft home in under 3 hours. Furthermore, the dry fog method is also FDA and EPA approved and it is also a cost effective option for home owners to keep their property safe for longer.” 

Often we are asked if Pure Maintenance Cascades performed other services. As of now we stick to what we do best and what keeps us extremely busy which is to remediate mold. The company employees are trained to collaborate effectively with the client and meet all on-field client requirements. Furthermore, they work in strict accordance to all social distancing and Covid-19 health and safety guidelines. 

A full list of service features and specifications for the Dry Fog Technology can be seen on the official company website, along with client testimonials, contact details and other services https://www.puremaintenancecascades.com/.

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