MobiusTrend Releases Research on Global Innovative Hologram Companies

Innovative Companies like Intel, Mediatek and WIMI Are Changing the World By 5G + Hologram AI Technologies

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research company in Hong Kong, recently released an insight report on global innovative hologram tech companies – “innovative companies are changing the world”.

Breakthroughs in technologies have accompanied every social transformation, economic development and productivity improvement. Looking back at the arrival of 4G, it is just a few years ago. Now the era of 5G is coming. MobiusTrend notes that in the 5G era, the whole world will change quickly because of innovative technologies.

To sum up, the three most important application scenarios of 5G era, including:

– Enhanced broadband
– AI services
– IoT applications

Intel uses their full portfolio to offer unprecedented value. AI makes the network and edge smarter. 5G and edge make AI ubiquitous. AI and 5G make edge unlock new opportunities. The convergence of AI, 5G and intelligent edge creates the requirements and conditions for rapid updating and iteration of intelligent technology.

For Intel, 5G is just a key part of its strategic layout. AI is as important as smart edge. Especially for operators, they will not do 5G for 5G’s sake, but hope to make data flow efficiently and release real value through large-scale 5G network construction.

That is where Intel excels. Intel has built an unmatched portfolio of products and ecosystems that support AI and data analytics. The new, fully optimized data platform, along with Intel’s burgeoning partner ecosystem based on AI technology, is helping businesses of all kinds actively deploy intelligent AI and data analytics services to turn data into an important asset for the enterprise.

Mediatek starts the layout of 6G and build the R&D center in Finland. Why choose Finland, because the global communications technology giant, Nokia is there. In addition, Finland has advantage in the network technology. Mediatek’s research center in Finland focuses on 5G, IMS and 3 GPP LTE, a new wireless communication technology.

In the second quarter, Mediatek released its 5G chips, such as chips for OPPO cellphone and other models. Now it is just the beginning of the war of 5G chips and terminals. Replacement dividend of 4G to 5G brings giants into the war and adds more uncertainty. WIMI Hologram Cloud predicts that commercial hologram could reap huge benefits once 5G networks start to spread to more areas. The reason is the holographic cloud will be supported well by faster wireless network speeds.

In fact, holograms provided a good example at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC). Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, WAIC used human holographic projection technology, via which Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma and Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk gave speeches in the conference.

As a result, hologram technology companies, such as WIMI Hologram Cloud, will grow dramatically in the coming years. MobiusTrend predicts that the market will grow exponentially over the next few years, reaching a total of $500 billion by 2025.

With the arrival of 5G, the first applications will accelerate VR /AR. In addition, the Chinese market will grow faster than any other country in the world. Therefore, with 5G developing, short boards of immersive game scenes such as VR/AR will be supplemented, and it is expected that the commercial application of immersive game VR/AR will be accelerated. That is a great opportunity for WIMI.

Recently, WIMI announced a joint venture to build a semiconductor chip business. The semiconductor industry in holographic 3D vision has a rapidly growing demand and huge market potential. WIMI Hologram Cloud expands the semiconductor industry and rapidly integrates market resources. On the other hand, it will extend the holographic 3D vision software field from the application layer down to the chip field, and adopt the strategic direction of combining soft and hard holographic 3D vision software solutions, namely the strategic derivative upgrade to the semiconductor field.

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