Royalty-Free Music From Audio Buzz Available At Great Rates And A Perpetual License For Tunes And Vocals Across Genres

Royalty-Free Music From Audio Buzz Available At Great Rates And A Perpetual License For Tunes And Vocals Across Genres
Audio Buzz is a premium royalty-free music catalog for creative professionals and content creators. Users can license single tracks for any use or subscribe to get annual access to the full archive.

According to announcements released by Audio Buzz and Mony Raanan, the business provides the best original royalty-free music for any use. The website includes a huge repository of tunes and vocals ready for production. 

Content creators can avail original music for commercial and non-commercial use through licenses for single tracks or via an annual subscription that allows unlimited downloads. The two pricing provisions offer flexibility and savings for content creators who seek original and relevant music to uplift their content and enhance communication with their audience. Music downloaded can be used even after the subscription expires. However, the license is not transferable, and buyers cannot resell the music. 

The production music catalog spans various genres, such as classical, pop, blues, corporate, cinematic and others. They are a perfect fit for different moods and themes that include inspirational, cheerful, scary, patriotic, sad, sensual, optimistic, etc. Customers can also select the best music for their use by refining their search in terms of musical instruments used. The interface allows easy browsing and downloading of sample musical pieces that can be used for broadcast productions, digital products, personal entertainment, social media, audiobooks, apps, and websites. 

Audio Buzz encourages customers to preview music to assess its suitability for a given use. The watermarked preview tracks are available as MP3s. Purchased music is in WAV/AIFF format. 

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Mony Raanan of Audio Buzz said, “Licensing music in our catalog allows you to use tracks royalty-free. Royalty-free music does not mean free music, despite many people often assuming it does. What it’s actually referring to is that artists receive a one-time payment when a license is sold to a user (as opposed to multiple royalty payments). So you’d be purchasing a license that permits you to use a piece of music in a specified way. You can license tracks through our platform for any creative project you’re working on for your client. However, your client cannot use the track/s for production other than the one they hired you for.”

Comping music on the one-of-a-kind Audio Buzz video preview tool, Raanan said, “Audio Buzz’s Video Preview is a unique tool created with the purpose of helping filmmakers, editors and content creators find the right piece of music faster than in any other royalty-free music site.

“Rather than sifting through a zillion tracks trying to find the right one, downloading a ton of preview tracks to upload onto your video editing software to see how they match against your video – you can now do it all online, quickly and securely.”

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