eMeet Speakerphone – Combination of Speakers and Microphones Flexible for Home Office

We believe you must be familiar with ‘speaker’ and ‘phone’ but it may be the first time you heard ‘speakerphone‘. Today, let us introduce this emerging solution for your conference calls.

Speaker VS Speakerphone

Combining the speakers and microphones into one device, the speakerphone is perfect equipment that solves the problem of remote communication and frees your hands to get more freedom, easily bringing out an excellent experience during calls between two sides. Imagining the scenario when your phone is connected to the speaker and playing wonderful music. Then someone calls in and you can hear the voice of the other side coming from the speaker, but you must speak into your phone, or the other side will not hear you clearly. However, solve these issues is under eMeet‘s consider, and once you get a speakerphone, the sound picking up arrange would be changed from close to the phone to a bigger area. The biggest difference between speaker and speakerphone is the speakerphone equipped with microphones which allow you to realize two-way conversation. You no longer need to buy an extra microphone to realize a real-time conversation when you are amplifying the sound via the speaker.

Microphone VS Speakerphone

Comparing with the normal microphone, I am very satisfied with the Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone’s noise reduction function. Turning on the noise reduction mode, the people on the other side can hear me clearly better than the microphone on my phone. The sound quality is also excellent. It is loud enough for my 270 sqft conference room and also portable for carrying around for my personal office.

eMeet Speakerphone makes online meeting simple

If you are having a lot of conference calls, you must need a speakerphone like this. I am not sure about you, but if I am holding a phone to my ear for about 5 minutes, I would be uncomfortable and holding the phone imprisoned one of my hands. This makes my work less efficient. With eMeet Luna USB speakerphone, you just need to put it on the table and you could control the pickup or hang up on it just by pressing one button. Your hands are free! You can use your computer, tap your keyboard, and record the content of the meeting. You can walk around and don’t need to sit by the phone. Also, it is easy to connect and compatible with commonly used call software. Such as skype for business, zoom, and so on.

How to enlarge the pickup space

One more thing about this speakerphone, a conference speaker with microphones. is it could be daisy chain. If you need to use it for a larger meeting that having 12 people, just cascade two Luna Skype speakerphones with the daisy chain cable and expand the pickup space!

A decent choice for your employee/ business partner

Due to Covid-19, there must be many people who are working from home and just having more conference calls than before accordingly. Having a speakerphone can greatly improve your productivity for your home office.

Those who recently having conference calls on Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, Team, etc. You deserve one eMeet Luna USB Speakerphone for computer or phone!

Product link for details: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087FRNS6P

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