Now On Kickstarter, Third Smart Eye, The Future Of Smart Glasses

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a project to take smart glasses technology to the future.

Third Smart Eye, a new line of wearable technology, is making video shooting and transmitting possible in ways like never before. Now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Third Smart Eye is solving the shortcomings of traditional smart glasses and harnessing new benefits for advanced vision tracking in every moment where seeing and doing is important.

Going beyond existing smart glasses technology, Third Smart Eye’s webcam follows the operator’s gaze in real-time, transmitting and recording exactly what the operator is looking at without delay. While “old” smart glasses instead follow the wearer’s head movement and missing their point of view, Third Smart Eyes response to eye movements maintains the correct point of view. 

Controlled by a smartphone or tablet computer and powered through its communication port, Third Smart Eye can be attached to standard eyeglass frames, allowing wearers to use their favorite pairs of glasses or prescription lenses. With no bulky or uncomfortable fittings, Third Smart Eye empowers wears to see perfectly with light, free movement, and a fast, easy, and secure attachment system. Combined, these features create substantial potential benefits for smart glasses technology wherever seeing and doing is important. 

An integration of eye trackers, cameras, laser pointers, high-definition monitors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and gesture sensors, Third Smart Eye delivers what traditional smart glasses cannot. For a limited time, support Third Smart Eye on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to support Third Smart Eye, including associated production costs. Support this line of smart glasses for as little as €25 and get an exclusive thank-you certificate, or pledge €499 or more to get a pair of Third Smart Eye smart glasses for free. Other reward tiers are available, so do act fast.


Third Smart Eye is a new line of wearable smart glasses that harness the most recent developments in motion-tracking technology. Pioneered by Dr. Mariano Pisetta, Prof. Mauro Serpelloni, and Dr. Fabio Remondino, Third Smart Eye responds to eye movements to maintain the correct point of view and serve as the perfect companion for any activity where seeing and doing is important.

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