Art Week Miami documentary, Art Backstage, makes its streaming debut

Documentary follows artists and galleries at the major American art week event

MIAMI, FL – July 30, 2020 Art Backstage, a colorful and exuberant documentary film that takes viewers behind-the-scenes at Art Week Miami is making its streaming debut. The documentary follows artists as they navigate the international event, which is the largest art event in Miami. Directed by Marina Eskenazi and Julia Masson, and produced by Poshy Couture, the two episode feature-length documentary gives artists the chance to discuss their creations and their inspirations.

The documentary premiered on June 26, 2020 on YouTube and is scheduled to be featured at art festivals, on television worldwide and streamed globally.

“The goal of the documentary is to create awareness about Art Week Miami and to enable the public to discover the diverse international views of artists on their creations and on famous art week events around the world,” explained Marina Eskenazi, the inventor and founder of the brand Poshy Couture, as well as the producer of Art Backstage. “Of course, we all understand that artists have a view of their work, but it’s really interesting to get to know more and go deeper into, beneath the surface, especially in the middle of a massive international art festival.”

Interviewing 39 artists over six days, the documentary probes issues such as how an artist’s philosophy may express sociological ideas or emotions. The documentary follows two reporters as they ask the artists and gallery directors, who came to Miami from all over the world, three similar questions in an effort to stimulate a discussion about how the artists developed their art. The documentary also highlights the size and scope of Art Week Miami, which included several fairs, private viewings and many special events.

The documentary filmmakers decided to reference the Art Basel Miami Beach banana “comedian” in the cover imagery for the documentary. The imagery was originally conceived by conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan’s art installation, in which he affixed a real banana to the wall of the show with duct tape. The piece sold at the show for $120,000 USD. By taking and manipulating a digital image of the banana itself, the filmmakers performed their own work of conceptual art which they have titled Stole. Their goal was to let the art live beyond the end of the event and to give the iconic banana image a new life as the official cover of Art Backstage.

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About Art Backstage

Art Week Miami is a whirlwind of experiences with artists from all over the world. The documentary film “Art Backstage” interviewed 39 artists and art galleries coming to Miami from all around the world and asked them three questions over five days. The resulting answer form the two-part feature-length documentary.

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