Anonymous Lover Launches A 20 Million Fund Raising For “The Grand Love Story Of Our Time”

Anonymous Lover has launched an initiative on the Crowdfunding platform Gofundme to raise 20 million in 20 days, to make the most epic and beautiful Grand Love Story come to life in this grey 2020.

Someone calling himself “The Anonymous Lover” has launched the #2020GrandLoveStory initiative on the Crowdfunding platform Gofundme to raise 20 million in 20 days, to make the most epic and beautiful Grand Love Story come to life.

In this year 2020 full of bad news, solitude, social distancing and confinement, the author’s ambition is to launch an international message based on hope, faith, people and love, writing a 3-chapter participatory love story, showing that what seems impossible, dreams, can be fulfilled for love when people get together.

The curious thing about this initiative is that the author does not reveal his identity, nor will he reveal what the funds will be used for, until the conclusion of Chapter 1, on August 20th. The only clue is that he is doing this for his wife.

“Take part in the most epic love story of our time” writes the author to announce his campaign, making an international public call to journalists, influencers, bloggers, Tiktokers and anonymous lovers to spread the word and participate in the initiative.

The first donors have already reacted on social media with what they would do with this sum for love.

In a few clicks, the GoFundMe platform allows one to participate from just 1 dollar.

Will The Anonymous Lover manage to mobilise 20 million lovers in 20 days?

Will love triumph?

And you … What is the craziest thing that you have done for love?

About #2020GrandLOVEStory

It is the name of the crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising 20 million in 20 days to make the most epic and beautiful love story of our times come true. Starts July 30, 2020 through August 19, 2020.

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