After “Can’t Wait”, Indie punk rock artist Trey Wonder to release his new single this month

Popular indie punk rock artist Trey Wonder has recently come up with his latest and 17th horror punk rock single “Lung Butter” which is already creating waves on YouTube.

Captain Cook, HI – July 31, 2020 – News for Trey Wonder fans. The leading indie punk rock artist has announced the official release date of his new single this month. Titled “Lung Butter”, the latest single is a horror/punk rock song buzzing with heavy rhythmic music and snippets from famous horror movies.

The new single has already been featured on YouTube and in just a day it has been roaring with 2,350+ views and loads of comments from Trey’s fans and punk rock enthusiasts.

“It’s an entertaining music video and I especially like the music.”

“Initial beats are rocking and guess what? I am feeling ecstatic watching and listening to this masterpiece.”

“Lung Butter” will be officially released on July 31, 2020. The song comes 3 months after his third album “Can’t Wait” that was released last April.

“I am excited for this release and I feel like my music is evolving into something different that people can still relate to. The video has a few different themes, but I use the male/female relationship troubles for humor and it doesn’t necessarily reflect my own. I think the quarantine has people going a little nuts and I feel like this song and video capture this moment in time, but I also think the theme is universal and unchanging,” stated Trey Wonder.

“Lung Butter” opens up with heavy drum beats and strong guitar to create an intense ambience and that ardent tempo that carries on throughout the song. Interestingly, the video features a collage of scary scenes from famous black and white horror movies in tune with the horror rock theme of the single. And, in the midst of all these, the singer peps up the mood with his powerful catch phrase!” 

“The video and song are open to interpretation. To clarify, this song is just an expression of my art and there is no political or racial slant here.”

A one-man institution, Trey Wonder is a vocalist, song-writer, bassist, drummer and guitarist in one. Although most people assume “Trey Wonder” to be a band, the indie artist performs every aspect of all his compositions himself and all of the instruments are real. In the last couple of years, the popular punk rock artist has reached a whopping 1.3 million streams on Spotify as a verified artist. “Lung Butter” is his 9th music video for YouTube and other popular online music platforms. 

About Trey Wonder

Currently settled in Hawaii, Trey Hatcher a.k.a. Trey Wonder is an independent horror/punk rock singer and musician. Raised in Amarillo, Texas, his tryst with the punk rock genre started with his friendships with young punk rock musicians from a very early age. A series of disastrous events, including deaths of near and dear ones, homelessness, poverty etc. led him to find solace and expression in punk rock culture.

Trey started his career in music with a high-octane punk rock band called “The Delinquents”. With his relocation to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, he became a part of two other bands, “Skeptic Void” and “Baysic Wonder”. Both the bands earned fame in local scene but split up later due to creative differences. After moving to Hawaii, Trey decided to start his solo music career and “Nice Fish” was his first music album as a solo punk rock indie musician. As of now he has released 3 full length albums and commands a rising number of streams on many popular music platforms online.

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