New Website Ordering System By Bin-It Makes It Easier To Rent Moving Boxes

New Website Ordering System By Bin-It Makes It Easier To Rent Moving Boxes
Bin-It has reworked its website to make it more convenient for customers to order the product. Preparing for a move is easier with the rentable packing boxes.

Bin-It is pleased to announce the launch of their revised website. The changes to the company site make it easier and more convenient to rent moving boxes online. Bin-It is a location focused on helping with many of the challenges which accompany moving day. Moving Boxes NYC are a new eco-friendly moving solution to make the relocation more convenient, affordable, and less stressful. In addition to the moving box rental, the company also offers moving services.

The eco-friendly concept provides reusable moving boxes at an affordable price. The boxes are delivered free-of-charge by the Bin-It team and are picked up when the moving project is finished. There are three packages from which to choose, each including the same free delivery and pick-up. Customers don’t need to worry about adding to the burden on landfills, as the boxes are not destroyed but are re-used. There is no cardboard debris and used tape to get rid of during the unpacking process. 

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The reusable bins have other advantages in addition to the affordability and environmentally friendly characteristics of the boxes. Moving bins protect from external factors such as rain in a storm while moving. The sturdy boxes are better able to protect the items inside them from damage due to rough handling or too much weight. The bins can easily be stacked for the best utilization of space. The dimensions available from Bin-It make it easier to choose the best options for particular household goods. The reusable bins are easy to label in a way that helps movers organize the move for efficiency. 

Bin-It is a customer-oriented firm focused on satisfaction and the success of each customer. The firm works hard to make the moving experience easy and enjoyable. The bins make the physical labor less strenuous, and also help to reduce single-use cardboard boxes. 

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