MHC Tetramer Products at Creative Biolabs Enable Thorough Investigation into T Cells

Creative Biolabs is a leading role in the field of biotechnology, which has rich experience and bulk resources enabling to provide qualified products for global customers, including but unlimited to antibodies, proteins, MHC tetramers, and detection kits.

New York, USA – July 31, 2020 – Creative Biolabs owns the bank of products applicable for pharmaceutical and research use, including but not limited to engineered antibodies, therapeutic proteins, soluble T cell receptors, and detection kits, which are generated by the exclusive hybridoma development and phage display systems by the experienced scientists. Among the various products, MHC tetramer is among the best-sellers, which assists with disease and vaccine research by characterizing the specificity and phenotype of T cell immune responses, and is named after its shape. Creative Biolabs classifies its tetramer products into four applicable research fields according to their properties:

MHC tetramer for cancer allows for ex vivo selection and proliferation of T-cells specific to tumor-related antigens, which can then be reintroduced to augment the immune system, greatly enhancing the effects of cancer immunotherapy.


MHC tetramer for virology enables detecting and characterizing rare antigen-specific CD8+ T-cell populations to expedite vaccine development procedures.

* PMEL, Env, HPV16 E7, CMV pp65…

MHC tetramer for bacteriology can identify bacterial antigen-specific T cells through flow cytometry and even catch the low-frequent presenting ones.

* E. coli, LacZ, Tetanus toxin, Chlamydia CrpA…

MHC tetramer for other applications applies to researches on various targets, ranging from viruses, bacteria, parasites, tumors, transplanted tissues, allergens, to self antigens.

* INS, Env, TF, MBP, MOG, F8…

The tetramer assays have gone through qualification tests and are guaranteed for high specificity, good biocompatibility, and high purity to improve the efficiency and validity of any research projects. Custom services of MHC tetramer are also available upon requests.

“We have clients all around the world,” said a scientist at Creative Biolabs, who sticks to his post conscientiously during the COVID-19 pandemic, “we have nearly all kinds of antibody products to support their research.” Creative Biolabs has distributors nearly around all continents and is continually expanding, intended to provide the qualified products to every customer in need.

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Company Overview

Creative Biolabs has been supplying recombinant antibody products for over a decade, and accumulated returned clients and valuable resources. Empowered by the cutting-edge hybridoma development and phage display platforms, Creative Biolabs is capable of providing various recombinant antibodies at the most competitive price in the industry, ranging from antibody/peptide libraries, biosimilar cell lines, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) products, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) to engineered antibodies such as therapeutic antibodies, single-domain antibodies, bispecific antibodies and intrabodies.

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