Orangina Is an Essential Beverage for Summertime Enjoyment

Orangina Is an Essential Beverage for Summertime Enjoyment

This summer represents a return to life in many countries, and summer should be celebrated. Orangina’s fresh robust taste signals the warmth of the sun and the tartness of the citrus fruit for many aficionados with its sparkling juice and heady aroma. Beloved all around the world, the brand is expanding in the United States. Many new consumers are expected to try it for the first time and learn to appreciate what this iconic French drink has to offer.

Traditional French Recipes With a Tart Twist

Orangina is deeply identified with French culture. After all, their first success was at the fabled French Riviera during the golden era of the 1930s. A story is told of one French chef who learned how to simplify his feasts when his wife wanted the classic dish, duck a l’orange. He ran to the local shop, but the only orange ingredient he could find was this sparkling juice. Unswayed, he adapted the recipe and created a masterpiece. The rich flavors in Orangina call out for experimentation such as this. Have fun in the kitchen!

What to Expect Due to the North American Expansion

By now, Northern Americans who have already experienced the pleasures of this French beverage might wonder why they haven’t seen it in their local supermarkets or delis. That’s because a new deal was only recently signed with Ventures Food & Beverage, majority-owned by Orangina’s Global Brand owner Suntory. Full licensing rights were secured by Venture in March of 2020 and the company resolved to return to the original recipe developed by the founder, Beton. A truly artisanal drink, it is being rolled out to stores over the summer. The North America web address is https://www.orangina-na.com/. With so many staycations this year, the company hopes to fill the need for a touch of the French sun when consumers find it locally for the first time in many years. 

Vintage Ads Reflect the Origin Story of The Company

The French enter the marketplace with aplomb, and vintage advertising from the Orangina company has worked its way into art collections. Witty, smart, and well-designed, they make strong statements linking summer, the company, and commerce in glorious renditions. A collection of vintage ads recently went on sale in Los Angeles. It features a striking female figure lounging in a hat in a two-piece with her cold drink by her side. Summer fun personified. It can be viewed here. Hopefully, the new ads in North America will include some of this fashion sense in their design. 

Orangina is a beverage beloved all over the world. Its rich history on the Riviera only adds to its mystique. With the recent acquisition of North American licensing rights and a return to the original recipe developed in the 1930s, Venture Food & Beverage hopes to reintroduce some of summer’s fun to its customers who are longing for fun.  The company can be reached here: https://www.orangina-na.com/contact-us/.

Orangina is a French original sparkling beverage. In the 1930s at the Marseille Trade Fair, Dr. Trigo, a Spanish pharmacist introduced entrepreneur Leon Beton to his highly innovative Naranjina. In 1936, Beton combined pulp with sparkling orange juice concentrate and created the drink now known as Orangina. The brand found early popularity in the cafes of the French Riviera.

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