Devin White and SaVannah Discuss Young Black Marriage, New Music and Save Black Arts Initiative

Celebrating the release of their new single thru Roc Nation’s EQ Distro, Devin and SaVannah White are turning attention to their efforts beyond the soundboard. They spoke candidly in regards to their marriage, parenting and their new initiative designed to provide free arts programming to youth nationwide.

* Speak briefly about the process behind creating the new record, “Don’t Forget The Love”

Devin: It was a very chill process. We worked with Deja B on vocals and mixing. she’s an artist that recently launched a production service called Clarity (@heartheclarity). It’s a feel good record so we wanted to make sure we stayed in the pocket of the groove and delivered something people could move to but had a great sound.

SaVannah: We sat on that record for awhile actually (laughs) We were thinking about doing a record together and I brought it up.. we we listened back we were like “yea this is it”. Just feels good right now, you know.

* The record seems to be really catching on across social media. Were your surprised by people’s response to it?

SaVannah: Honestly I wasn’t surprised. I felt really good about this one right after we finished recording. It feels really good to see people enjoying it though. I’m glad we can play a small part in bringing happiness peoples way, especially with all that’s happening.

* The world seems to be in disarray currently. Is there place for a song of such exuberance and optimism in this climate?

Devin: Absolutely. Life is all about perspective. Feeling as if we are sitting helpless to a negative world that’s closing in around us is counterproductive. Art is all about creating value for other people’s lives.. artists are servants to society. We wanted to contribute to our culture in a way that felt proud and resilient. I think you can feel that in the record.

* You featured your son on the cover of the new record, what does it mean to be a parent in today’s world?

SaVannah: Seven loves the camera, my best friend told me he stole the entire shoot that day (laughs). He brings so much joy to Devin and I and we are lucky to be his parents. I think it’s important for kids to be kids.. to enjoy that time. We try to find a balance in sharing with him the things he needs to know and the tools he’ll need to navigate.

* Are there complications to careers in the entertainment business as a married couple with a child?

Devin: There’s complications in the music business no matter what (laughs). I think it’s ultimately about how you deal with things and design your path. You are the creator of your own design and destiny, so if you say it can’t be done then you’re right.

SaVannah: I think it’s about the work and the work ethic. No one can stop you but you. That’s very true though cliche. We gonna go for it til the wheels fall off (laughs).

* Does race play a factor you think?

Devin: Of course. Entertainment isn’t practical. Historically a lot of middle to lower income black families haven’t had the space to dream the way we’ve wanted. Our ancestors had to make the ultimate sacrifices to keep us safe or roofs over our head.. so understandably dreams have always been a risk that seemed to large to take… until they work. Then… that’s legacy and the perfect chance to evolve.

SaVannah: Devin and I talk a lot about purpose. Identifying purpose is so important. Seven’s dreams will be his own but my purpose and challenges will remain and I’ll have to have the energy to figure them out and keep pushing forward.

* Whose in-laws are the toughest to deal with?

SaVannah: (Laughs) No comment. Black love.

* Save Black Arts is preparing for a launch in September, what can you tell us about it now?

Devin: Save Black Arts is all about education and access. It’s not the only organization of its kind but we need as many as possible.. it’s just going to play it’s part. September is our launch. We are focusing on representation in media, free educational courses and financial grants for culturally relevant art projects.

* Don’t Forget The Love is a strong title and straightforward message. What’s a scenario you can provide where you personally haven’t forgotten the love?

Devin: A lot of things in life don’t always play out how we hope, from friends to family to opportunities.. I don’t stay stuck in those disappointments or that pain. It’s always love, it’s the only way forward.

SaVannah: I’m still working on myself (laughs) Love is a constant journey and a worthwhile one. But don’t cross me (laughs).

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