JAZ Innovations Announces Its Product, The Guard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver, Extending the Shelf Life of Produce in a Safe and Natural Way

JAZ Innovations Announces Its Product, The Guard'N Fresh™ Produce Saver, Extending the Shelf Life of Produce in a Safe and Natural Way
One of the biggest concerns for many households is how to preserve produce and extend its shelf life. With many consumers having tried several products on the market with unsatisfactory results, JAZ Innovations is proud to announce their latest product, The Guard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver, that answers this question while also ensuring that consumers enjoy longer-lasting produce.

Sylvania, OH – JAZ Innovations announced the launch of their new product, longed for by many consumers, to prolong the lifespan of their food items while also remaining health conscious. The team at JAZ Innovations has paid attention to the process and materials that have gone into the production of this new product, making sure that they do not present any short or long term health risks or complications while also boosting the consumer’s health and produce shelf life.

Announcing the new product, the JAZ Innovations spokesperson said: “With so many people being more health-conscious while trying to stay on a budget, JAZ Innovations is proud to have launched its latest product, The Guard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver. This innovative product extends the life of produce in a safe and natural way. Guard’N Fresh is a safe, organic product that extends the life of your produce 2 – 3 times over by removing the presence of Ethylene gas, which speeds up the decay of fruits and vegetables.”

Welcoming consumers to take advantage of the latest product by purchasing the Guard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver at Walmart, the spokesperson for the company noted that the product offers a wide range of benefits and features which include its ability to be used in the refrigerator or counter bowl display with minimal visibility, helping consumers to save money with less environmental impact than conventional methods of prolonging the shelf life of produce, and more.

Each packet of The Guard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver offers consumers as long as six months of active use. Consumers who are worried about missing out on the six-month window can rest easy knowing that the activation date easily depicts time for replacement, while the vacuum-sealed pouch allows the product to remain undisturbed until activated.

Being a completely organic solution to preserving produce, JAZ Innovations promises the best experience to consumers who make use of the product that relies on the same technology that commercial and organic fruit growers have used for decades.

The new product has equally received accolades from consumers who have tested it. One user said: “I liked the ease of the product simply peeling off the tab and placing it in the vegetable bin cannot be any simpler. I have had the product in my fridge and my tabletop fruit bowl for the last six weeks and both have been working extremely well. Fruit and veggies lasted at least 50% longer than if not using the product. I feel this a great product both for its features and its ease of use.”

JAZ Innovations is located at 6555 Convent Blvd Sylvania, OH 45360 United States. For more information about their products, call (855) 845-3698, email jaz@jazinnovations.com or visit their website.

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