The List of Mango Entertainment Drama Series released, Diverse Themes Insist the Original Intention of Positive Energy of Youth

Shanghai, China – August 10, 2020 – The 2020 Shanghai TV Festival was held from August 3 to August 7. Shanghai TV Festival of this time planned many contents as the Magnolia Award selection, TV program exhibition, TV forum, international film and television market, internet film and television summit, etc. It first connected with Shanghai International Film Festival to push “International Film and Television Cloud Market” that integrates “cloud exhibition”, “cloud negotiation”, “cloud activities” and “cloud services” on July 31st providing an on-line exchange and negotiation platform for the participating companies.

Shanghai TV Festival integrates activities such as exhibition, award, trading, forum and summit with a strong influence so that it is always called “Asia’s Biggest TV Gala”. Every year, there are hundreds of film and television companies to participate in. The film and television market affected by the epidemic this year is recovering. And it goes without saying that the industry attaches great importance to this TV Festival.

Golden Eagle Broadcasting System Mango Hypermedia’s all media content production and operation company, Mango Entertainment, attended the conference with the latest drama list. It mainly introduced drama series, such as Living Toward the Sun, Blue Your Collar, Meet Love in Naïve and Boss & Me. It either kept the always positioning-youth, beauty and positive energy of Mango Entertainment, or a specific theme on the differential layout upgrade. From the mainly introduced drama series, the theme contained many dimensions as the urban topics, ancient campus, urban emotion. Based on realistic themes, it conformed to users’ needs and mainstream values.

Urban drama, Living Toward the Sun, was directed by Liu Jiacheng. Jiang Xin and Gao Weiguang led the leading roles. The story was adapted according to the real experience of young cartoonist Xiong Dun and tells an inspirational story when Xiong Dun in the emotional and workplace setbacks, and in the face of adversity, he was still brave to smile to life, and fight against the disease. Director, Liu Jiacheng, has a strong control to a realistic theme. This is believed to give the inspirational drama more emotional power in line with the mainstream social values.

The inspirational campus drama in ancient costume, Blue Your Collar, developing around Zhuyou Academy, tells that Young Luo Qiuchi was chased to kill when he was young and hid in the mountains. Accidentally got acquainted with Wen Ren Jun, a student from Zhuyou Academy. He studied in the Academy with the identity of “Qilin Best”. And then, in this way, it unfolds the story of teenagers growing up. This drama takes ancient school as the theme. It restores clothing, make-up, props in place. Poetry, painting and calligraphy, lantern riddles and other classical traditional culture are presented in many aspects. It diffuses the beauty of Chinese traditional culture with touching grace, which shows that Mango Entertainment has made great efforts in leading mainstream youth culture.

In addition, there was also the drama series Meet Love in Naïve that tells that the newcomer Li Tianzhen has a dream-building journey with the male protagonist Meng Yan with architectural design ideals. It integrates urban emotion, career motivation and other elements, which fits the theme of “struggling youth + evenly matched love” loved by the audiences. Boss & Me of Thai version adapted from Gu Man’s original novel, which is played by “brother Push”, Puttichai Kasetsin, and Sushar Manaying. It will deduce Chinese classic IP with Thai style.

In February 2020, National Radio and Television Administration,PRC set up major theme network film and television drama project library. In the “next work” part, it mentioned that in 2020, National Radio and Television Administration,PRC will promote the creation and planning of major theme network film and television drama comprehensively, and guide the network audio visual industry to climb the “summit” of positive energy, which is to make a new contribution for service the overall situation.

The types of Mango Entertainment drama series are more diversified. It also shapes a group of positive energy youth characters in different times simultaneously. For example, Xiong Dun, a brave and optimistic people in fighting against the disease in Living Toward the Sun. The anti-drug police brothers deep behind enemy lines in Being A Hero. The young students grow together in Zhuyou Academy in Blue Your Collar. And Li Tianzhen persists her dream in Meet Love in Naïve. The young in the different background stories of the times have passed on the positive energy of the young in line with the mainstream values of the current era together.

In the main positioning of youth, beauty and positive energy, Mango Entertainment has strengthened its influence on the younger generation through producing the content that meets the preferences of young people. Meanwhile, in the specific production, it focuses on the positive energy of youth and the guidance of mainstream values, which reflects the political consciousness of Mango Entertainment as a “youth culture leader”, and the responsibilities of guiding mainstream values as the mainstream media.

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