Kidieez launches in the UK delivering sustainable children’s clothing to eco-conscious mums

Kidieez launches in the UK delivering sustainable children's clothing to eco-conscious mums

All-new marketplace makes it easy to shop for kids with clothing at an affordable price

August 10, 2020 – London, UK – According to British financial institution Halifax, parents spend around £46.97 on their children’s clothing each month for ages 0 to 11. That is over £560 per year. Many of the items that parents buy for their young children simply get grown out of too quickly. In some cases, items may only be worn once or twice before they are donated to charity or simply thrown out. In spite of the clothing waste that goes on every year, there is a movement to make sustainable children’s clothing.

One online marketplace wants to make it easy to shop for kids with clothing at affordable prices. Kidieez, a mum-powered marketplace launched in 2019, was developed to give used children’s clothing a second life. The marketplace allows users to buy and sell items securely allowing mums to connect with other parents through the community. The website enables sustainable children’s clothing purchases and extends the life of items.

Users can also purchase preloved children’s books, toys, prams, and other items through the marketplace. Children’s clothing, toys, and other must-have items are not cheap, but purchasing the items second-hand through Kidieez makes it more affordable. The price for name brand items continues to rise but buying them second-hand offers parents the chance to get the same great look but for a fraction of the retail price when they shop for kids.

Kidieez offers name brands including Gap, Zara, The North Face, and more. All items are of good quality and in some cases, may have only been worn a few times before they were grown out of. Kidieez isn’t just about reducing the financial impact that children’s clothing has but an environmental one too. Eco-conscious mums can feel peace of mind by purchasing high-quality second-hand sustainable children’s clothing through the marketplace.

Research on the impact that clothing production has on the world found that it can take up to 2,700 litres of water to make just one cotton t-shirt. Clothing manufacturers not only use valuable resources to produce throwaway items, but use up the world’s power supply by fuelling factories. Children’s clothing brands are even more harmful to the world as many of the items produced will be tossed out by parents once their kids grow too big for them.

Users can sign up to the Kidieez marketplace and begin buying or selling in a very short time. The online marketplace makes it easier than ever to buy and sell sustainable kids clothing allowing parents to focus on more expensive matters like saving for their child’s university fees.

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