RealMax Makes its Statement in AR/VR Industry by Releasing the Revolutionized RealMax Qian

RealMax Qian Enriches Life with Daily Entertainment and AR/VR Experience, and Will Be Launched through Crowdfunding on Kickstarter on Aug 18th.

New York, USA – Aug 10, 2020 – RealMax Qian is a latest and amazing addition to the list of AR technology. With its 100.8-degree large FOV, it allows a human to view and interact with a fusion of 3D digital content and reality. One can enjoy this immersion at any space and interact with it by hand and voice making it a user-friendly device that can be easily used even by a preschool child.

The RealMax Qian has been designed by an international team of engineers and scientists who have already led Augmented Reality R&D for the last decade. It achieves an extremely large FOV of 100.8 degrees with self-developed dual-channel see-through lenses plus a customized high brightness LCD screen. AR in each eye will occupy almost 400% the area of the Magic Leap One, and almost 800% the area of Microsoft’s HoloLens.

RealMax Qian has the ability of integrated molding to fit different faces and head shapes. It is lightweight, ultra-comfortable to wear and compatible with the wearing of almost all prescription eyeglasses. Front and rear balance the design, with an internal processor and battery. The position of a user is determined via a 6-DOF inside-out dual-camera system that works by understanding the world around us. No external markers or beacons are required.

RealMax Qian is equipped with many multidimensional and supportive features. Its 6000 mAh detachable quick charge battery can support 5-hour use and 100-hour standby. Users can use WIFI, BT, Internet, GPS, AI and voice image recognition to control appliances or robots. One can switch to VR mode instantly with the magnetic VR clip-on shade and play VR games using Steam© Valve using wireless streaming or a NOLO module. AR gaming puts one in the action. A variety of games, ranging from sports to music, are available to boost the curiosity of the player. With its powerful user-immersive experience, RealMax Qian can also be applied to medical, educational, and industrial scenarios, along with customized applications for different uses.

RealMax Qian highlights its open source platform function, allowing every user interested in AR self-developing to start his own exploratory work with RealMax Qian. RealMax Qian owners can join the open source platform for free and meet with engineers and even developers across the globe on the platform.

RealMax Qian offers AR/VR in one product with 6DOF tracking and available in one size that truly fits all. Forbes rightly states, “RealMax introduced a slightly less sexy but still comfortably wearable AR HMD … It has an astonishing 100.8-degree field of view (FOV) and is multi-player”. RealMax Qian will be launched through crowdfunding on Kickstarter on Aug 18th.

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Established in 2003, RealMax is one of the leading companies in the area of Augmented Reality. By combining software, hardware, content and services, RealMax aims to enhance human understanding by making AR accessible to everyone.

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