Devout Christian Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Cross Bottom Flip Flops Inspired By Jesus Christ

The home of the original cross bottom flip flops, Walk in His FootSteps, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for succeeding production rounds of their famed sandals. The unique footwear is designed to leave footprints shaped like crosses, thus allowing believers to preach the faith without being forceful. The online fund-raising campaign will also enable the business to focus their ordering on pre-sales.

Created by Remi Chagnon, the ‘holy’ footwear is ideal for people who want to share the Christian faith with others and attract more souls to the faith.  Since the sandals leave crosses in their wake, they can act as great conversation starters for devout Christians who want to share their faith with others. 

The rubber soles of the sandals feature a patented molded cross right in the sole, but the features don’t end there. The leather straps are printed with John 3:16 verses on each side as well. The flip flop sandals also feature the WIHFS trademark pattern right in the sole.

Besides bearing design elements that celebrate the Christian faith, the sandals are also designed to be comfortable. The soft leather footbed and compression-molded EVA midsole provide optimal arch support. Additionally, the sandals are also made to be lightweight and non-slip, making them ideal for the beach.

“Walk in His FootSteps came about during the most challenging times in my life. At that time, I turned to the Lord and asked what I could do to serve Him and walk in Christ’s footsteps to spread Christianity among the people.” – Remi Chagnon,  founder of WIHFS

“At that time, I envisioned a special sandal with an imprinted cross on the sole which would leave small crosses in the sand as the wearer walked. In other words, anyone who wore those sandals would leave His mark with every step and literally walk in His footsteps.”

“After years of second-guessing myself, I started creating the WIHFS brand and consider it a privilege to do so. Whatever I can do to spread the word of God fulfills me, and bringing more people into His flock is an honor I do not take lightly. WIHFS allows me to follow Him as He leads the way. Your support on Kickstarter will help us focus on pre-sales and help us spread His word more efficiently.”

The brand has already completed two manufacturing rounds and is gearing to develop the next round as soon as they have sufficient funds. 

About Walk in HIS Footsteps (WIHFS)

Remi Chagnon is the founder of Walk in His FootSteps, a Christian apparel brand that sells cross-bottom sandals designed to allow wearers to spread the Christian faith peacefully. The footwear is meant to act as a daily reminder for the faithful to reflect Christ in everything they do for themselves and others.

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