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Meet Priscilla Rojas Filmmaker in Miami 

Priscilla Rojas

How long have you been producing and directing films for?

Hello! Hello! My name is Priscilla Rojas and I am a filmmaker since 2014, but I have been working in mass media communications since 2008. I have directed and produced 33 projects between short and featured films in Venezuela, Orlando and Miami.

My most recent directing project is entitled Quarantine Faces a documentary that was made during the World Health and Social Emergency generated by the Pandemic, stemming from the COVID-19 virus.

What is your documentary film about?

Quarantine Faces seeks to show the eco-social and economic consequences in the worldwide and its possible long-term solutions during pandemic times.

The pandemic found some countries more prepared than others; however, in the 21st century, we continue to be vulnerable to viruses that do not distinguish race, age, gender, religion, economic or political position. Also, our testimonials talk about how people should adapt to this new reality for a period of time.

How you make possible this documentary in quarantine?

This documentary has a wide participation of political figures, health workers, infected by COVID-19, and specialists in the economic and energy area of ​​different countries through different electronic devices; making clear the entrance to a new digital age in pandemic times.

My sister and I, we were thinking what we can do during the quarantine and we thought about collecting information and interviews from different professionals around the world about how they are affected by the pandemic. So we understand we could not get out of our home, or travel. We start to contact them by digital platforms and then shoot a few home shoots in order to insert these interviews in electronic devices and make understand our audience this story happened during quarantine.

How can people watch this documentary?

Well this documentary is not available in any digital platform because we submitted to film festivals worldwide, so we have to wait at least one year so we can make it public.

What do audiences want? And is it the filmmaker’s role to worry about that?

Well, nowadays, people want more real stories. Stories that they can connect to. So, yes, we should worry about our audience, but also, we have to make what we are passionate it about. For example, I am a horror – suspense movie lover, but I know not everyone loves horror stories. One day, I will do a few for sure.

During this year, we made 5 productions about different topics such as true based stories of political prisoners, divorced parents, pandemic consequences worldwide, and immigrant stories. Currently, I am more passionate about true based stories or society concern stories.

What tips would you give to beginner filmmakers?

I believe there are no rules in filmmaking, but there are some standard guidelines we should understand and adapt them to our stories and production needs if we want to submit to festivals, digital platforms or any distribution company.  

I believe as many of my Full Sail University professors insist on me about having a good story is mandatory. But a good cinematography, a good acting, a good editing and music are important too. None is less important.

As a female director, stick to your vision and your crew and cast will work hard for you and the story. The final product will always be a sum of all the people involved. And show it to people whose opinions you can trust.

Quarantine Faces Teaser:

Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/436656857

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