Qvault Classroom has launched ‘Go Mastery’ to help engineers upgrade their coding skillset

Qvault enables students to learn coding at their own pace with its game-based learning model!

Salt Lake City, UT, USA – Qvault is an online educational platform that comprises high-quality programming courses and articles. The web app is renowned for gamifying the learning process so that the students are able to make the most out of their study time. Qvault allows students to learn to code in the browser and unlock free content by performing well. Recently, the platform has announced the launch of Golang course titled Go Mastery – an important coding language course for engineers.

Go Mastery is for engineers who want to learn the syntax and best practices of the Go language. This 6-module course will teach the engineers all the basics to prepare for their next Golang interview or project.

Qvault Classroom was founded by Lane Wagner, with an intention to help people learn programming languages in the best possible manner. At Qvault, obtaining an education is similar to progressing in a game. Students are able to write Go code in the browser and unlock rewards and achievements by doing well. Lane Wagner aims to turn Qvault into one of the best educational web apps by gamifying learning, focusing on mastery, and enabling In-browser coding. In his words: “There is no reason learning shouldn’t feel more like a game. The current “learn as you go” courses often do not incentivize students to go fast. As a result, many students become disinterested and lose motivation, or end up going so slow that they do not achieve their goals. By treating courses like videogames, we keep students engaged. We use Web Assembly compilers to allow students to learn and run backend languages right in the browser, something few online learning environments offer.”

Unlike traditional learning methodologies, Qvault believes in the Mastery-based learning model. Instead of allowing the users to move ahead in the course modules without covering the initial sections, this platform restricts the students to a particular section until they have mastered it. This strategy helps students retain maximum information and add new coding languages in their skillset. Furthermore, the management at Qvault believes that videos are one of the worst media for learning to code. Programming courses make the most sense as hands-on, code-as-you-go style tutorials. Due to this reason, the platform has an in-browser coding functionality so that the students can practice as they learn.

Qvault is aiding people to upgrade themselves by learning various coding languages via its interactive courses for completely free. The recent launch of Go Mastery is an optimal opportunity for engineers to learn GO language and lock their pay raise!

About the Company:

Qvault is the home of high-quality programming courses and articles. Our well-researched articles focus on best coding practices, Golang, JavaScript, and cryptography. We hope to help programmers of all proficiencies improve themselves daily. Quality is our highest priority. Recently, the company has introduced GO Mastery, an online crash course for engineers to learn Golang.

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