Meet the South African thriving female entrepreneur who is all set to disrupt the beauty industry

Meet the South African thriving female entrepreneur who is all set to disrupt the beauty industry
Lele Palesa Sithole, who is a model and a motivational speaker and the founder of multiple growing businesses has established a start-up called ‘Mask Cosmetics’!

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa – “Lele” Palesa Sithole is a multitalented South African female who is inspiring women across the globe with her multiple successful ventures in the fields of motivational speaking, modeling, radio hosting, fashion designing, and entrepreneurship. The Emerging Star is ready to get her name in the spotlight by launching new brand in the beauty industry titled ‘Mask Cosmetics’.

The multifaceted young social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and ambassador of Women Creating Wealth Africa (an organization that comprises two divisions, Women in Financial Markets and Women in Property) is an emerging business leader. She has already become a brand affiliate of a global skincare brand that is on top of its game when it comes to Science and Innovation.

Lele’s latest startup, Mask Cosmetics is off to a great start due to its affiliation with one of the best global skincare brands. The business aims to obtain its fair share from the billion-dollar beauty industry. Lele believes that her startup is well-positioned to compete with industry giants like Mac Cosmetics. According to some reports, the beauty industry was worth $532.43 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a market value of $805.61 billion by 2023.

Mark Cosmetics has recently launched its Instagram Page where some of the products from the affiliated brand are available for sale. While talking about her vision for this business, Lele said: “I plan to launch natural makeup products from this platform. From natural tone foundations to concealers, I intend to launch the makeup items that are friendly to the skin and nourish it. The products under production are also going to be durable and stainless. Even though there are challenges in releasing some of our makeup items that are currently under testing we are open to new investment opportunities and releasing our offerings. We’re also open to the partnership from any persons of interest to invest in our growing brand.”

Lele Palesa Sithole begun her professional career at the age of 16 when she got the opportunity to organize a varsity school project that required her to set up concepts and go the extra mile to have a photoshoot of those fashion concepts using real-life models. She then drew inspiration and courage from that shoot and decided to turn her idea into a solid business structure. Currently, at the age of 23, she is the Founder and CEO of OKAT Fashion Models and an upcoming Fashion designer. She had Mzansi in awes last year when she posted her success story on a popular Facebook social media group called #Imstaying.

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Instagram: lele_palesa 

Facebook: @Lele Palesa Sithole

Twitter: @lele_palesa 

LinkedIn: Lele Palesa Sithole

About the Personality:

Lele'(nickname) Palesa Sithole, is a South African model who has recently started up her cosmetic brand, which at its start-up stage is already now a brand affiliate with a well-known global company at the top of their field in science and innovation.

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