Moissanite Rings: Connecting with the Stars According to

Moissanite Rings: Connecting with the Stars According to

Jewelry dates back thousands of years based on historical findings. In the early days of humanity, people made trinkets from various natural materials they had on hand. They used seashells, nuts, dried fruits, flowers, polished stones, and even animal bones and teeth. These beautiful, inexpensive pieces were often held together with vines, hemp, and sinew. Though the first pieces of jewelry didn’t cost small fortunes, they certainly held significant meanings for the people who wore them.

Moving Forward

Over time, people began to discover precious metals and gemstones. Gold, silver, rubies, emeralds, and numerous other options made their way to the market. Those materials came from nature just like their predecessors, but they held far more monetary value according to and many other sources. 

In the last report, the worldwide jewelry market surpassed $279 billion. Analysts expect it to reach more than $480 billion within the next few years. These days, a vast array of metals, precious stones, and other beautiful materials is available for purchase. 

Countless designs are offered as well, many of them customized, one-of-a-kind pieces. These options are no longer reserved for only the wealthiest, either. In fact, you’ll find designer jewelry in almost every price range imaginable.

An Interesting Alternative

One rising favorite has an interesting backstory. While moissanite was discovered more than a century ago, it’s recently receiving an entirely new level of attention. Research indicates this beautiful stone literally fell from the heavens. 

Moissanite, which can be found at this site here, was originally unearthed in a crater in Arizona that was made by a meteorite. Though the rock that skyrocketed through the atmosphere and crashed into the Earth held a certain amount of fascination for geologists, astrologists, and general space aficionados, it left behind an unexpected surprise. Moissanite resembles diamonds but has a different chemical composition. Diamonds are made of carbon whereas moissanite is composed of silicon carbide. 

Creating a Legend

As you might imagine, natural moissanite is extremely rare. Though it has been found around the world, it only shows up at meteor crash sites. Even then, it only occurs in tiny crystals. That being said, it can also be created in a lab and made available by jewelers like Gema & Co

Caring for Your Moissanite

Like diamonds, moissanite is an extremely hard stone. It’ll continue to sparkle even when subjected to everyday wear and tear. As mentioned in a recent article entitled 5 At-Home Ways to Keep Your Wedding and Engagement Rings Sparkly for Life, you can usually clean this type of jewelry by soaking it in a container of warm water and dish soap. Still, having it cleaned by a professional at least once a year is recommended. 

Beauty from the Stars

People have been looking to the stars for just as long. Getting your hands on a piece of jewelry containing moissanite that originated in the far reaches of the galaxy is all but impossible, but even those who own artificially created moissanite can truly say their jewelry originated in the stars. In some ways, gazing into a piece of moissanite gives you a unique connection to not only early humans, but the heavens themselves.

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