Artist and Fashion Designer, Aaron Lal, Launches His Clothing Line

Artist and Fashion Designer, Aaron Lal, Launches His Clothing Line

“Aaron Lal Fashion Designs”
Aaron Lal, an Artist and Fashion Designer has launched his self-funded clothing line which houses a vast range of fashionable clothing at inexpensive rates.

Aaron Lal who had always had a devoted interest in clothing and fashion since he was a teen, said that with his brand new clothing line, he is endorsing the insignificance of skin color in the pursuit of achievement in life. He said “I have always wanted to do something large for my ethnicity. In some way wanted to reveal myself and what I stand for. Now I love all individuals! I just want people to be arrogant of who they are! I am.”

Aaron Lal Fashion Design - Men Shorts

Aaron, who is also the co-creator of a music label, with his associates, revealed that the greatest challenge he faced–and is still facing, is infamy and brand alertness.  But, as he progresses in his craft, he is sure that the challenges will soon be a thing of the earlier period.

When he is not doing fashion or music, Aaron has some other interests that keep him engaged. He is a prolific writer. From melody, poems, to a book which he will soon launch, “Every day there is always a new story to tell thus I’m just writing it down”, he explained. Aaron takes his fitness critically. He is a gym aficionado who runs for about 5 miles, 5 days a week. Speaking about the rest of his everyday schedules, the fashion designer said “if there is some time left in the day, I love to help others!”

Aaron Lal wanted to make clothing in satisfying styles using natural, soft fabrics that widen enabling people to feel comfortable and beautiful by creating basics that can be worn day to night with fashion and style. Always having a wish to support the local community, the styles are made in the Australia with fabrics.

With the growth of the COVID-19 crisis, Aaron quickly pivoted and started making masks. He did not vacillate to use his natural fabrics in solids and trademark meander print to begin sewing and cutting masks. After placing them on the website, the amount of requests for masks turned out so numerous, he enlisted the assistance of local tailors who were out of work because of COVID-19. Being able to utilize others was an approval. Overflowing with gratitude and kindness, he has given masks to the homeless population in Miami.


Aaron stated, “By making masks, I’m happy to use my know-how as a designer to assist people become more protected. I am contented that I can offer work to skilled people who have made sewing their source of revenue. Miami Beach is undergoing problems like the other parts of the country and the globe. I have compassion for all those who have lost love ones. As a fashion designer, this is my small contribution to assist make us stronger together.”

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