MobiusTrend: IT Giants Investing in Hologram AR Innovative Companies

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘IT Giants Investing in AR Innovative Companies‘. Because of the Weibo’s strategic investment in WIMI Hologram Cloud inc., people find that the AR market is advancing at an unstoppable speed. According to SEC, WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc. announced the closing of WIMI’s public offering. Since the WB Online Investment Limited, an affiliate of Weibo Corporation (NASDAQ: WB), is one of the participants, which may indicate that Sina Weibo is further increasing its influence in the AR field.

Only two weeks ago, the long-dormant AR industry was experiencing collective excitement in the capital markets. Shares of NASDAQ listed company WIMI (NASDAQ: WIMI) have surged 544 percent in two trading days since July 10. And it let the holographic AR become the focus of the field of technology and finance again.

Why is Weibo suddenly betting on the holographic AR field? What role will Weibo play in the AR market? Besides Weibo, almost all IT giants also have plans and layouts for the AR field.

Apple has a long history with AR. According to the foreign media reported, Apple has confirmed that it has acquired IKinema, a British visual effects company. IKinema is a motion capture company, providing animation technology for the gaming and virtual reality industries. Meanwhile, it specializes in techniques that support real-time animation of virtual characters.

Facebook confirmed that it was working on AR glasses and announced a project called Live Maps. Live Maps uses machine vision, localization, and crowdsourcing mapping techniques to generate a shared virtual map that reflects the physical world. Facebook will use the vast amount of data collected from its 2.4 billion users to build Live Maps, extract images to generate a “point cloud,” and create an accurate virtual Earth.

Alibaba also earlier acquired Infinity Augmented Reality, an Israeli startup that turned AR head-mounted displays into a content enhancement platform. And this system is based on the inside-out simultaneous localization and mapping solution.

WIMI recently announced the establishment of a joint venture to carry out its semiconductor chip business. In the holographic 3D vision field, the semiconductor demand is growing rapidly and contains enormous market potential. Thus, WIMI expands the semiconductor industry field and quickly integrates market resources.

At present, the overall competition of information flow products in the market will be more and more intense. On the one hand, Weibo has the advantages of contents; on the other hand, it has advantages of relationships and social ID. And these have the opportunities to increase the market share of Weibo, after entering the information reading market. Weibo invests the WIMI strategically, and bets on the holographic AR track, are the right choices.

Concerning creative content, except creating something new and original at the content level, the innovations in content expressions and interactive forms can also become a win-win choice for advertising and audiences. And these often come from changes at the technical level. But the application scenarios of information flow advertising usually do not have the conditions to scan specific physical objects. Suppose the content of the advertisement is gamified and enables to interact with character movements; in that case, the requirements on the scenes can be reduced, the application is more flexible, and the interest can be enhanced.

In general, the interactivity and immersion brought by AR advertising to consumers are incomparable with other advertisements. Therefore, brands adopt AR advertising can more effectively impress consumers and increase their likability towards the brand.

At present, the proportion of AR advertising in mobile advertising is still limited, which increases the importance of applying AR technology to information flow advertising. It can normalize AR advertising, make the entrance more intuitive; accordingly, bringing higher exposure rate, and finally inject new vitality into the whole mobile advertising industry.

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