Breach Report’s Dark Web Monitoring and Notification Service Helps Individuals, Businesses and Organizations Checkmate Data Compromise

Breach Report offers real-time monitoring with reports that record real-time credential leaks including the source, type of attack, scope, and more about the breach with a constantly updated database.

A cybersecurity firm that provides dark web monitoring services for individuals and businesses, offers dark web monitoring and notification for individuals, businesses and organizations in order to curtail data breaches. With this service, users will be privy to things like analysis and reporting of privacy threats, vulnerabilities, account breaches and solutions.

With the dark web market of stolen data being so profitable (According to a 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report which shows that 86% of breaches are financially motivated), individuals, businesses and organizations are under constant threat of cyber-attacks that could lead to data breaches. While the big organizations invest heavily in cybersecurity, smaller organizations always find themselves and their users in a defenseless state.

When a data breach occurs, the affected individual, businesses and organizations can face serious reputational, financial losses, and can even be fined by the regulatory bodies. Some businesses may never recover from this attack. For individual users, they can receive spam messages that will put their accounts at risk. With such breach, valuable services and data may be stolen which can lead to money being stolen from their compromised credit cards.

To be safe from data breach or compromise, Breach Report has created different solutions. These solutions provide a 24/7 real-time monitoring of individual, organizations and businesses’ accounts and immediate notifications in case of the breach, a scanner of dark web activity surrounding those accounts, continuous updates of new dumps found on the dark web, and tools for additional breach-related research. For individual users, they can check if an email was previously compromised and take appropriate measures to update the password. For Organizations and businesses, the company offers a user-friendly interface for analysis and reporting of privacy threats, account breaches, and vulnerabilities.

“Commercial organizations sometimes can’t afford large protection investments, but hackers target them tirelessly. Motives include industrial spying, theft, and brokerage of data. The companies might not be aware of the attack, but the consequent reputational and financial losses can be severe.” The spokesperson for the company said, “Even the government and military can’t build invincible systems because of the human factor. This is why experts recommend using alert systems, such as dark web monitoring and notification service. With the help of this effective and affordable solution, any individual user or organization can check if their data have been compromised and take necessary precautions in case of a breach.”

Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry. Visit today and see how they can help you monitor your businesses’ data to avoid data compromise.

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