TE+A Marketing and Level 3 Performance Solutions Announce CAP – Cultural Alignment Process

TE+A Marketing and Level 3 Performance Solutions are proud to announce their new Cultural Alignment Process – CAP, to help clients in the financial services industry better align their culture and communications for growth.

Chicago, IL – CAP’s dynamic process grounds organizations, clearly articulating mission, vision, and values, providing them with a clear advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. More importantly, CAP benchmarks your current cultural profile and your company’s desired ideal culture for the future and leverages the gap between them to help rapidly propel your organization toward its goals. CAP’s objective is to unlock the full potential of your firm by focusing on motivational factors and traditional obstacles that have held it back from reaching its potential. The result is a more productive, collaborative, and effective team dynamic that brings tremendous returns by improving workflows, recruitment and retention efforts, and business development results. Additionally, and most importantly, CAP focuses on improving customer experience and satisfaction.

CAP is a progressive, behavior science-based approach to improving team communications and defining key cultural attributes of an organization. CAP looks at your internal message to make sure it is in alignment with your mission, vision, and values, then benchmarks and pinpoints areas of needed improvement. CAP also examines whether your internal and external messages are working in harmony to ensure your brand promise is being fulfilled. 

CAP is a process developed by TE+A and Jim Johnson of Level 3 Performance Solutions. Jim Johnson assists leaders in achieving maximum growth at every level of their firms, helping them improve mindsets, enhance impact, and improve organizational habits and traditional outcomes.

“Our work together has ranged from startups to third generation businesses that reinvented themselves to deliver quantum improvements in performance,” Jim Johnson explains. “The ability to match internal and external performance has proven itself repeatedly. CAP gives our clients the edge they need.”

TE+A has worked with financial services firms for decades and seen the impact of having a properly defined brand communication platform that is adhered to and tended to on a strategic basis. Bill Egan, TE+A’s President explains, “Firms that focus on the internal culture of their organization and collaborate with their team by sharing their leadership perspective can move their organization’s mindset from one of “have to do” to “want to do” – from limiting beliefs to enabling beliefs.” Bill adds, “The beauty of CAP is that it is not abstract – it is based on behavioral science and has practical, tangible metrics to gauge the success of your efforts.”

TE+A and Level 3 have been working together for over 10 years, and CAP is the byproduct of their collective experiences helping clients. “The time is right for CAP. We’ve been helping our firms with their brand’s mission, vision, and value statements and outbound messaging for years; CAP takes that to the next logical level. People are dialing in on the power of a strong team and the amazing things groups can do when each person knows the importance of their role and that it has meaning in the larger context of the firm’s goals and pursuits,” said Brad Feldmar, EVP of Business Development, adding, “CAP can help you significantly move the business development needle by making sure your external message is aligned with your internal cultural one!”

TE+A and Level 3 Consulting have a proven track record of helping firms prosper. They capitalize on their combined years of insight and experience to help firms reach new heights.

For more information on CAP, please contact Brad Feldmar at 312.578.1590 or visit https://bit.ly/3fMb2Uy.

To find out more about TE+A marketing, visit the website at https://trungaleegan.com/.

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