Augusta HiTech Announces Launch of New Radon Product in Conjunction with SunRADON

Augusta HiTech, experts in blockchain technology solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and transformative technologies with the ability to shape the future, this week announced they have engineered the software and cloud for a brand new radon product, produced via SunRADON.

Called the OneRADON Cloud and plugin air quality and Radon monitor for homes, August HiTech was pursued to create seamless and flawless technology solutions that help the product to focus on indoor air quality and avoidance of radon-induced lung cancer.

“It is our goal to apply our technology and engineering expertise to real-world problems, now helping SunRadon autonomously monitor and services devices,” said Karthik Pichai, Founder, Owner of August HiTech. “We are thrilled to have partnered with such a formidable company as we leverage our technology solutions to change the radon industry forever.”

SunRADON’s number one goal is to reduce the number of Radon-induced lung cancers worldwide. Drawing on a research network that is over 35-years old, SunRADON’s products include Model 1028 XP™, Model1030™ Continuous Radon Monitor, and OneRADON™ testing software.

SunRADON plans to release a series of products throughout the rest of the year, positioning itself as the leader in world-class radon detection products and services for professionals and homeowners. The team behind SunRADON sought out Augusta HiTech to make the products a reality.

“We have also created a mobile app that all radon customers can download to their phones,” said Kai Wundke. “Using the app, they can monitor the air quality in the home at all times, never wondering about radon levels. The app will send alerts and push notifications to ensure everyone is safe in real-time. That’s the power of our technology today.”

The SunRADON mobile app will come with the purchase of all products listed above.

Augusta HiTech is a business consulting company that bridges the gap between business and technology. Augusta HiTech engineers custom application digital products for startups to fortune 500. Augusta HiTech’s strong heritage in Innovation helps organizations bring cutting edge technological products to market.

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