MobiusTrend: Hologram AR, a New Battlefield for IT Giants

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Hologram AR, a New Battlefield for IT Giants‘. People have known about the holographic projection technology in sci-fi movies like Iron Man and Blade Runner. In the movie, the virtual image changes as the characters’ fingers wave and move at will. Holographic projection technology, which is available now, enables humans to operate a computer without contact, much like motion-sensing in the movie. People can browse the web, read articles, play music, even cut fruit with the wave of a finger. Holographic image allows naked eyes to view and interact. This technology will revolutionize many fields in the coming years, including medical imaging, social contacts, 3D design, advertising, memory storage, entertainment, drug design, education, and so on.

WIMI is committed to holographic cloud content development, software development, and platform construction. As the only integrated enterprise specialized in large-scale development of the holographic cloud technology platform in China, WIMI is expected to become a unicorn in the holographic cloud software field in China.

The holographic cloud market is worth 120 billion US dollars, including commerce, data, voice, film and television, advertising, and games, etc. Hardware accounted for a relatively small share of the overall market (less than 34%), while software development and content development accounted for the major market revenue. With the evolution of technologies, such as 3D sensing, chips and algorithms, display technology, and communication approaches, the AR investment track, which used to be hot in previous years, will regain its heat in 2020.

For example, Microsoft has released the second-generation Hololens. Magic Leap and Apple also plan to launch a new generation of AR consumer terminal in 2020-2021. It is predicted that there will be bestsellers in the market. Meanwhile, more new forms and new opportunities will emerge. Weibo’s investment in the holographic AR field clearly aims at embedding new AR technology into its streaming media platform in the future. At the same time, holographic display technology will have the same importance as VR and AR. Moreover, this technology can be considered the third pillar, combining 3D digital space with real space.

WIMI’s business covers multiple links of holographic AR technology, including the holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK pay, 5G holographic communication software development, the development of holographic face recognition, the development of holographic AI face exchanging and so on. WIMI is a holographic cloud integrated technology solution provider. Its business application scenes are gathered in five professional fields: home entertainment, light-field cinema, performing system, commercial release system, and advertising display system. WIMI has integrated the identities of holographic AI cloud mobile software developers, service providers, and operators into one. Also, it has become one of the leading holographic AI integration platforms in China.

According to Frost & Sullivan data, WIMI has built a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library, among all holographic AR solution providers in China. In 2018, considering the aspects of revenue, the number of customers, holographic AR content, holographic AR patents, and software copyrights, WIMI is the leader in the holographic AR industry in China. Throughout 2018, WIMI owns approximately 4,654 AR holographic content, 106 software copyrights, and 219 technology patents. WIMI is committed to using holographic technology to meet the entertainment and business needs of customers and end-users.

According to the prediction of Goldman Sachs, the AR/VR industry will maintain rapid growth, reaching 47% annual growth rate of market size. In the next 3-5 years, it will quickly approach the $100 billion market. Among them, AR has a larger market scale and imaginary space due to its interaction with the real world and more application scenarios.

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