INK Games Team Recognized For Unprecedented Innovation Through Tech In Gaming

INK Games Team Recognized For Unprecedented Innovation Through Tech In Gaming

INK Games has been nominated and selected as a finalist for the ‘Best Technology Company Leadership Team’ award for the 2020 High Tech Innovation Awards! This is an incredible honor, and they are thankful for the recognition of the team’s caliber and accomplishments so early in their build. 

How is the INK Games Leadership innovating through technology?

By connecting online activity and influence directly to monetary value on multiple levels of the gaming industry.

Using a novel “gamified” approach to user participation, INK Games becomes the first company to offer virtual territory ownership inside a growing game platform – with users at the center of the build. INK Zip Codes are limited-edition, virtual assets that mirror real world territories. Each one represents ownership inside the virtual world and are the base layer of the platform’s economy.

By owning zip & postal codes, users will be able to monetize specific locations and participate in the revenues of in-game activity that takes place inside their territory. 

These virtual assets are the foundation of their flagship Payment Engine; an algorithm that will change the gaming industry forever.

“The INK Games platform is underpinned by a Tracking and Payment Engine,” said InfluenceInk Founder and CEO, Robert Towles. “We have a world-class, Emmy Award-nominated team building a variety of features for the platform. Our tech will bridge real-world and virtual economies, monetizing in-game activities and interactions inside the platform, perpetually.”

What does this mean for the gaming industry?

It means that getting paid to play games will no longer be a privilege just for professional gamers and streamers. By sharing the economy with the players, INK Games is creating multiple ways for players to put money in their pockets based on their online presence. It also means that users will be able to view the full reach of their influence, a level of insight not available on other platforms.

Going forward, InfluenceInk’s President, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder, Josh Gause sees an ever-expanding digital universe, with distinct zip code territories, monetary income, and transparent degrees of separation as the basis for all future game titles.

“Our vision is for multiple gameplay experiences running in a virtual platform, with both zip code owners and players having a stake in the economic flow. As gameplay, user base, and activities expand, zip code owners’ revenue potential will also expand.”

INK Games leads the movement of letting players and influencers monetize their social reach and control digital assets. They are paving the way for everyone to be able to make money from gaming. 

“Ultimately, our library of games and user interest within the ecosystem will create a supply and demand driven marketplace. Eventually, owners will buy, sell or trade territories, creating a digital extension of a real-world economy,” explained Gause.

About INK Games

INK Games targets gamers, online users and social influencers. Their company is building a brand new platform where users can “buy” territories in the form of postal codes, which represent ownership in the platform’s gaming universe. As the platform expands – and other titles are released to the platform – territory owners will participate in revenues based on the activities, users, and assets inside their postal codes.

INK Games is inviting developers to release their games on their platform that’s backed by their revolutionary Tracking and Payment Engine. The shared economy will cut the user in on platform revenues, resulting in a majority of the marketing budget going to players and streamers instead of traditional advertising methods.

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