Pakistan National, Asif Ali Gohar, Creates A Beautiful New Variety Of Rose Floribunda

Residing in Lahore, Pakistan, Asif Ali Gohar is a professional rose grower who has over ten years of experience in the growing process of flowers as well as crossbreeding of the plants. Through this, Asif Ali Gohar has created a new type of rose which he been suitably named Gohar.

Asif Ali Gohar has run his own flower shop in Lahore for over ten years and has generated a strong following from the Lahore nationals. Those residing in the city were very excited when the news broke that the new rose variety had been created.

Of course, the creation took time. Asif Ali Gohar had set out on the mission of creating a new rose that would stand out and have original qualities compared to other roses. The creation of the Gohar rose really put the crossbreeding expert’s skills to the test. The rose grower combined different roses and, after some time, created the beautiful Gohar rose.

The Gohar rose is a crossbreed between Rosa Chinensis and Rosa Multiflora which re both very popular and iconic rose types. The attributes of both these flowers mean the Gohar rose has large leaves and a long stem. Its colour is a vibrant red with large petals making a brilliant flower for any garden. The flowering period of the Gohar is towards the end of autumn. Asif Ali Gohar’s idea of creating a rose that stood out amongst others was most certainly a success.

Himself, his partner and two children are very proud of his new creation. Likewise, the inhabitants of Lahore are very proud and exciting – the mention of Lahore in the media created more of this positivity.

Since the media got a hold of the story, Asif has become a known name in Pakistan as well as around the rest of the world. His story has reached millions. Those reached agree that the new flower looks beautiful and some others have been inspired to try and create their own new variety of plant.

Good news to many, although a considerably new plant, the Gohar rose is readily available and can be purchased at a very generous price. It is a brilliant option for any new gardener as it required very little care yet still looks great in any garden. Simply water daily and tidy up the soil and fallen petals.  Asif has focused on the quality of the flower making it a plant you’d want to display.

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