Flow Coaching introduces The Career Reboot, an 8-week programme for high achieving artists that removes their subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs

Flow Coaching introduces The Career Reboot, an 8-week programme for high achieving artists that removes their subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs
The Career Reboot for Artists is an 8 week online programme with lifetime membership and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a smart phone, laptop or a computer. The coaching programme uses mindset transformation and energy alignment so that artists can achieve consistent success in their careers, finances and lives.

The Career Reboot is the best coaching programme for artists. It removes any thinking, traumas, fears or beliefs that block the artists so that they can have a clear mind that can focus on true creativity and career success. It is mindset coaching for artists that aligns their energy via life-changing assignments. This career coaching for artists is provided by British Actress and filmmaker Rayna Campbell, who works with artists and creatives to eliminate their mind blocks so that they can get back on track with their careers.

Rayana Campbell has been helping high achieving artists, creatives and business owners who are frustrated, feel out of alignment, or just have a fear that stops them moving forward. The 8-week programme is the best career programme for creative minds, it has various assignments that focus on clearing the mind and removing any kind of obstacle.

The course host, Rayna Campbell also provides email coaching on the programme so that the artist can undergo the process at their own pace. Additionally, the course is conducted as a community, and artists are assigned an accountability partner to keep them on track. Moreover, the live weekly energy clearing sessions ensure the artists are consistently aligned to their goals and desires.

The Career Reboot programme has 24 life-changing assignments, compiled after a lot of research, study and years of experience. Rayna transformed her own life and career using the very techniques she teaches. Rayna went from struggling for work to working full time as an actress and director, winning multiple awards and travelling around the world to help others with similar problems. This is a course designed by an artist, for artists.

The Career Reboot programme has 24 assignments which are presented in 3 modules. Part one removes any kind of physical or emotional subconscious blocks, traumas, fear, shame, self-sabotage or any other negative mindset loops. The assignments in the second part focus on useful mindset tools and hacks to overcome mind and energy blocks. This part also boosts the person’s mind towards achieving greatness. Finally, in the third and last module, the inner energy is utilized to attract the creativity within to have everything that one wants, be it fame, money, courage, acknowledgement or growth. The bonus assignments include how one can sell their art, prepare for an important audition or interview and so much more. With the Career Reboot Programme artists will clear their minds to achieve the greatness within.

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