The World Must Know “Bryce Monkivitch” – An Emerging Fashion Designer


Meet the up-and-coming design talent, Bryce Monkivitch. Sharing his collections in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Mr. Monkivitch has the ultimate eye for colour and design.


Where did he begin?

At just 29 years old, he founded one of the fastest growing online fashion brands in 2019. Debuting his first women’s fashion brand in 2017 offering top quality seasonal outerwear.

This year, he shared his latest women’s line alongside a jewellery collection.

“Our trend spotting departments worldwide take inspiration from couture runways and current street style to deliver new, must-have styles to our customers,” he says.

From a young age he aspired to become a successful entrepreneur. After studying fashion and online marketing he travelled the world to advance his skills in design. He further found the need to provide jobs to those located in less advantaged countries.

Based in Australia, Mr Monkivitch is now CEO of multiple 7 figure fashion brands providing over 400 jobs to individuals worldwide.

From Australian explorer, to entrepreneur, to Knight.

Sir Bryce Monkivitch lives a life of adventure and spontaneity, always striving to be bigger and greater. Sir Bryce explains, “I will have an idea, a dream, and I make that dream come true”.

This year, Sir Bryce was awarded for being one of Australia’s fastest growing online companies for 2019. But not only this, his entrepreneurship has provided fair trade employment opportunities for hundreds of individuals all around the world. At the beginning of 2020, he joined an elite class as he was knighted as a Sir. A highly sought after title which he quotes to “honour and bestow” for the rest of his life.


What is Knighthood?

Knighthood is a very high rank in Britain which is given to a man who has performed very remarkable things for his society, nation or the world at large. Only men can be knighted. The female version of knighthood is a Dame. Knighthood will be given to those that make remarkable impacts in the world regardless of their nationality.

Sir Bryce continues to serve others and provide opportunities for the less advantaged all around the world. He is a very honoured member of the community.

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