Finding Financial Freedom: 25 Year Old Options Investor Daniel Ang Harnesses Fundamental Analysis & Options Strategies with Great Success

Finding Financial Freedom: 25 Year Old Options Investor Daniel Ang Harnesses Fundamental Analysis & Options Strategies with Great Success

“You never lose: either you win, or you learn.”
Daniel Ang, Founder of SmallCapGuy Institute, is a young Malaysian who started to embark the journey of making consistent income from Options investing and ended becoming an investment coach, shares his transformational story

Learning new things can be challenging for many individuals. At only eighteen, Daniel Ang decided not to depend on his family for financial support. His intention was to find a way to make money online, even as a full-time student.

As an introvert who prefers not to speak, Ang was motivated to find his own way to success after being left behind by his older siblings.

“I was always alone, even when I hung out with friends,” says Ang, who prefers to spend his days in front of a computer. One day, he happened to stumble upon an article where an Australian man built a 7-figure online e-commerce store without owning any stock.

After reading the article, Ang discovered the method the man used was called dropshipping and that it required little to no capital to start.

The First Taste of Online Income

Ang was inspired to start his first business using the dropshipping model. Within weeks, he launched his website, which sold home products. Soon after the launch, Ang received his first payment from a customer. Ang thought that this would be the way to make him a fortune, so he invested most of his savings into this business, even as a full-time university student.

For the next 4 months, however, Ang’s first business suffered. The revenue that was being generated was not able to cover the operational costs. He made a tough decision to shut down the website, as he couldn’t afford to burn more money by trying to sustain the drop shipping business.

“You never lose: either you win, or you learn,” Ang shared about his first experience trying to generate income online. However, Ang didn’t let this setback discourage him. In fact, he continued to look for opportunities while still studying, as he believed he would succeed one day.

From E-commerce to Forex Trading

Ang’s first venture into the world of trading and charting came when he signed up for a Forex trading course. This came one year after the closure of his drop shipping business. The journey wasn’t smooth, as he soon lost a significant amount of capital and he had to cut his losses.

Each of these challenges, however, helped him to focus on achieving his purpose.

“At the end of the day, you just need to be right once,” Ang shared about his journey, reminiscing on his failed ventures and his discovery of options investing.

Nearly Gave Up

Ang shared that at one point of his life, he almost decided to give up finding unconventional ways to make money. He thought to he would join the workforce after graduation to follow the path most people took: taking a fixed salary, getting promotions and working until retirement.

The Effort Finally Pays Off

Just before Ang was about to graduate from university, he stumbled upon a seminar about options investing. He was instantly sold. When coupled with fundamental analysis, this strategy could generate a sustainable cash flow from the stock market. Ang decided to give it one last try before facing the reality of becoming an ordinary employee. For the next few months, he was laser focused on mastering the skill of options investing by selecting strong fundamental businesses.

Month after month, the dollars started rolling in from options strategies. Ang finally believed that his final strategy would prove to be successful long term, especially considering his control over most of the risks and rewards. He still worked as an engineer in a multinational company but resigned a few months later. Since then, he has been able to make a safe, consistent and passive cash flow from the stock market.

Perseverance and Consistency

Ang believes these two ideas are key to keeping a goal afloat and moving it forward. Understanding that it is a journey requiring effort and not giving up during difficult times is one of the biggest challenges he has faced. However, he is confident his success in the field taught him that every experience, no matter how hard, has been worthwhile.

Right now, Ang is an investing coach showing his students different routes to achieve success in the field. He also uses a certain percentage of his profits to bless people around the world through the act of giving.

“It is not just about making more money,” Ang says with confidence. Instead, his primary motivation is to bring joy to as many lives as he can. The biggest lesson Ang says he’s learned in this journey is that when you give, you shall receive multiple times in various forms.

There are times where people doubted his actions.

“They asked me, ‘if you can profit in the stock market already, why do you come out and teach?” Ang said after his Facebook content videos received doubtful comments. “They claimed I could keep the secrets to myself and make all the money I wanted.’”

“They don’t understand,” Ang said. “They think my goal is to make more money, but my ultimate goal is to serve more people.”

Ang also wrote a book, Optimize Your Wealth Engine, which shares tips on personal finance management before venturing into the investing world.

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