Now On Kickstarter, A Modular Dollhouse Kit With Furniture, Lighted Fireplace

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, an eco-friendly, handmade toy that engages children in hours of imaginary play.

Many adults have fond memories of their favorite childhood dollhouse, a place where imaginations flourished and skills in early childhood development were mastered. Providing hours of safe, engaging fun, the traditional dollhouse often involves complicated setup with the final construction proving too large for on-the-go travel. Fortunately, a new modular kit dollhouse is changing this fact with a modular wood design that provides hours of engaging fun.

Developed by woodworking specialist Solodovnik Andrey, the new modular kit dollhouse comes in simple pieces that fit together for easy assembly or disassembly with no glue or screws required. Connecting easily, setup is possible by a child themselves with adult supervision, and the dollhouse can be easily broken down for transport to a friend’s house or grandparent’s house. Beautifully fabricated, the kit is made of different types of wood, including pine, alder, mahogany, and beech. With a wood furniture set and glowing, lighted fireplace, imaginations flourish with the 1:16 scale design. 

Promoting engaging creative play, the dollhouse’s furniture fits many popular toys and dolls and is easily attachable via magnets on the furniture set, which includes bookshelves, couches, toilets, showers, tables, chairs, and more. With this new modular kit, any child can experience the thrills of having a dollhouse where imaginations are engaged through a creative made-up world, or recreation of real-life stories. During play, children develop valuable social skills and perfect their fine motor skills. 

A product made with years of experience and craftsmanship, each modular kit is hand polished and constructed, and subject to rigorous quality controls to ensure it is safe for children. To support the modular dollhouse kit, please visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to support the modular dollhouse kit, including associated production and distribution costs. Support the project for as little as $9 to get a thank-you card, or pledge $337 or more to get pinewood dollhouse with furniture.  Other reward options, including furniture sets and dollhouse models, are available for a limited time. Act fast and support the Kickstarter campaign today.


A wooden modular kit dollhouse, with furniture and fireplace, is the perfect toy for any child. Eco-friendly, high-quality, and handmade toy, a new modular kit dollhouse by woodworking specialist Solodovnik Andrey is expected to be the best thing children can engage with for pretend and imaginary play.

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