Rishi Lakhani, Successful Businessman And Finance Management Expert, Counsels And Assists Budding Entrepreneurs In Building A Recession-Proof Income

Rishi Lakhani, Successful Businessman And Finance Management Expert, Counsels And Assists Budding Entrepreneurs In Building A Recession-Proof Income
Rishi Lakhani is a successful London-based businessman with a net worth of more than £42 million. He owns and manages a chain of jewelry stores in London. He shares his insights and experience with entrepreneurs who seek a steady stream of recession-proof income.

According to announcements released by Rishi Lakhani, a highly successful businessman, he is available to share his rich experience with entrepreneurs who have the ambition to achieve their dreams and seek proper guidance and mentoring. With a net worth of £42 million in 2019, Lakhani is amply qualified to counsel businesspersons in the subjects of marketing, financial growth, and people skills. 

This successful entrepreneur’s work experience includes owning and managing several jewelry stores in and around London. His experience as an investment portfolio manager with Manlaw and as a web marketing and SEO expert stands him in good stead as a mentor. His own experiences taught him to be a jack of all trades, and he advocates inculcating multiple skills. This help set up a business and do the initial hard work until the business gains momentum, and things begin to fall in place. 

Lakhani helps businesses benefit from the reach and scope of digital marketing through SEO and social media. He impresses on them the significance of capturing the right moment and not waiting too long. Lakhani understands how to make money work for oneself instead of working all the time to earn money, and shares ideas and tips for the same. He explains how people skills and man-management skills can open doors. Lakhani presents a holistic approach to entrepreneurial success. 

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Rishi Lakhani said, “I’ve dedicated my whole adult life to the world of business and financial management. From a young age, I was interested in being financially independent and being the owner of many businesses. Now that I’ve achieved that goal for myself, I have made it my mission to assist others in achieving that very same dream that I had as a child. A secure, recession-proof income for life. I have an extensive background in building successful businesses, including HMRC approved ventures within importing electronics and retail-based businesses.”

Offering a glimpse into his incredible entrepreneurial journey, Lakhani said, “After gaining all the necessary skills and knowledge of business and marketing, it was time to bring all the pieces together and build those connections abroad. I spent some time meeting and networking with individuals back in Jaipur, liaising with local artisans and companies there to create a base of products for our future jewelry store.

After some time, the groundwork was complete, the foundations built deep into the earth, and it was time to start construction on the house. My first jewelry shop was on the outskirts of London, not exactly a prestigious neighborhood, to say the least, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. But after putting in the initial effort, which sometimes felt like pushing a boulder uphill and through the support of my amazing friends and family, things started gaining momentum.”

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