Global Humanity, From Director Christine Reidhead, Premiere on Amazon Prime Video, August 2, 2020

Milestone documentary series explores the rich, diverse, and vibrant cultures that coexistent on planet earth. Global Humanity launched on August 2, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries across the globe.

Global Humanity is directed by Christine Reidhead, a Business Professor at Navajo Technical University. Nicole Pino, Brent Thompson, Freddie Peralto, Tee Jay Sam, Taylor Pino, Logan Pino, Jared Pino, Shannon Pino, Kelso Francisco, Jarod Reidhead, and Hunter Reidhead also star in the documentary.

Christine Reidhead is a master for taking us deep into a collection of cultures from Africa to Mexico’s amazing shores and the Native American communities. Reidhead, let us take a look at ways of life, so different from our own.

Global Humanity is a relevant and timely documentary exploring many cultural conditions, including location, gender, race, history, nationality, language, sexuality, religious beliefs, ethnicity, aesthetics, and food.

This show captures the cultural issues in terms of beliefs and customs by a particular group. It provides insights as it interviews and films, individuals or families, and their lifestyle.

Through this documentary, Christine Reidhead provides an understanding of cultural identity and how it is shaped by the values and attitudes prevalent at home and the surrounding. It explains why human beings must feel accepted by a particular group.

Christine Reidhead’s documentary series will have you enthusiastic about learning more. With her mesmerizing narrative, effortless transitions, and extraordinary interviewing techniques, it is impossible not to want more. Global Humanity will leave you feeling the success of the world around you.

The primary goal of Global Humanity is to provide cultural diversity by visiting new places to enhance the practices of other cultures. For 35 minutes, you can see the world through the eyes of millions of people. The documentary takes you on a journey to explore the rich, diverse, and vibrant cultures that coexist worldwide.

The first episode of Global Humanity is an in-depth view of the Navajo Nation, specifically Crownpoint’s small community. Here, Christine Reidhead shares the life of Nicole Pino, a Native American Woman Rancher who has two children and is a single mom.

Reidhead allows us to see how Nicole and her siblings run the ranch of her late father. It is an inspiring journey where we can see how she also dedicates her time to teach at the local university.

This episode is a tribute to all of those women that work hard and dedicate their lives to keep things moving forward despite the obstacles.

Even though the Navajo Nation is not a popular community, we can understand the struggles of Nicole Pino, raising her children as a single parent. It shows how the Navajo Nation can blend both traditional and modern ways of life.

One of the most amazing things about this episode is how this hardworking woman, Nicole Pino, can manage to sleep only a few hours but can mix ranching with rodeo coaching, nursing the animals, and do so much more.

The direction of the episode is terrific, especially the bull riding. You can feel how the heart skips a beat every time someone sits on the bull. You can easily acknowledge the bulls’ fierce-looking and heavy-bodies. It is incredible to experience the dangerous zigzagging jumps and the ability of the riders.

One of the most dramatic scenes is when the rider jumps from a racing horse catching the bull by its head on his way down. It is unbelievable how Christine Reidhead can bring all these experiences to use in such a short time.

Global Humanity is the most exciting and engaging way to learn about cultures.

What makes the Global Humanity series different from others is how Reidhead captures the essence of the culture. She can show how people can live their best lives wherever they are. After seeing the documentary, you wonder about your life inspiring you to live the best version.

Learning about different cultures makes you appreciate what you have as it shows you how to work with what you have. Culture is a big part of everyone’s lives as it influences our views, values, hopes, loyalties, and fears. Christine Reidhead allows you to understand other people’s standpoints to have a greater comprehension of the world.

The documentary is inspirational and informative, and all the family can see it. It is just a fantastic series!

Global Humanity helps put things into perspective as it is very hopeful and inspiring. The first episode is just a glimpse of what you can expect when you follow Christine Reidhead’s journey exploring other cultures worldwide.

The series should be seen by policymakers, intellectuals, community leaders, parents, and anyone who wants to understand better what cultural diversity brings to the planet. The cinematography is engaging and has an excess of fantastic shots of the environment and people featured.

It presents relevant facts to improve the viewer’s experience and develop a sense of reality. Global Humanity is enjoyable and informative to watch as it allows spectators to learn about many cultures by inspiring curiosity.

“This journey celebrates the differences of humanity showcasing the warmth and hospitality of these remarkable people along with the tireless charities which strive to make the world a better place.” said Christine Reidhead, director of Global Humanity.

For TrzahKelvin, “The first episode was absorbing enough, and I learned a lot about the Native Americans. The documentary is a masterpiece that can be watched by the whole family and contains life lessons. I highly recommend it to all lovers of documentaries and those who haven’t tried them yet. A Must-Watch! I can’t wait to watch the second episode.”

And Jessie McCall, “Nicole Pino is someone to admire and look up to, and the documentary portrays this beautifully. I look forward to future episodes in this documentary series; I expect that I will continue to learn more about fascinating cultures and traditions with this same respectful reporting and interesting facts.”

Watch Episode 1 of Global Humanity on Amazon Prime Video!

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