Anet ET4+ET4Pro 3D Printer Open Source Now Available

With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, 3D printer users and enthusiasts have higher and higher requirements for the reliability and scalability of printing. How to achieve various malleable functions without changing the existing models has become the common expectation of users.

Anet will release the open source firmware code for ET4+ and ET4Pro model on August 17th. Once you have the source code, it’s like opening a Pandora’s box. DIY can bring you a lot of fun. Competent users and enthusiasts can follow the open source license to transform and re-develop the 3D printing system to meet the needs of use. 

Comparison of ET4 model operating interface before and after open source:

For example, support for multiple material printing: 

The firmware open source package developed by Anet Technology allows ordinary users and enthusiasts consumers to upgrade the firmware of existing products and complete the transformation of required functions. The open source of Anet official firmware depends on its continuous investment in scientific research of the industry, which not only allows more ordinary users to use “cutting edge” technological products, but also promotes the healthy development of the industry.

More fun to explore with open source support:


The application of 3D printing technology is becoming more and more widespread, and the prices of various consumables and printers will inevitably show a downward trend. In the future, 3D printers are most likely to become affordable and accessible devices for every household, just like traditional printers.

The firmware open source of ET4+ and ET4Pro printers, it is now available on the Anet official website:

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