Reiki survey finds significant benefits to wellbeing during COVID-19

Reiki survey finds significant benefits to wellbeing during COVID-19
A global survey of 1,288 Reiki users found 92% report more peace and 86% less anxiety despite being carried out over Lockdown

Reiki is a self-help technique much like meditation which means “Universal Life Force” in Japanese. The technique is easy to learn and uses different hand positions to bring relaxation and balance to the body and mind.

The survey results show the remarkable resilience or Reiki users across many measures. For mental/emotional stability: 85% report less stress, 87% less anger and 84% more happiness. In terms of health: 80% suffered less colds/flu, 72% saw improvements in headaches/migraines, 69% less muscle cramp/pain.

66% reported improved sleep.

Elaine Hamilton Grundy, veteran Reiki teacher and co-ordinator for the survey says “The results are incredible and prove the efficacy of this simple self-help technique. In a time of such high uncertainty it is so important to take care of our mental and physical wellbeing, this survey shows Reiki can do both.”

“The secret is in the daily use – Reiki is very easy to do but it requires us to set time aside every day to be relaxed and quiet. A Reiki practice encourages a mindful reset to occur, which is what we need to be doing everyday.”

As short as half an hour a day produced improvements in overall wellness for 91% of respondents. When asked to describe the results of a Reiki self-practice the most common adjectives were “relaxed”, “peaceful” and “calm”.

The survey also reported equally good results for respondents who took online courses. This is of particular relevance to the growth of online Reiki alternatives since COVID-19.

The benefits are very quick and do not require years of practice. But over time these improvements deepen more significantly bringing lasting peace, contentment and happiness.

Complete life change for the better. Work, residence and friends. This also rippled out to my adult children, their life improved because mine did. – MDG, UK

The feeling of peace and well-being is amazing. I have noticed a significant difference in all areas of my life. – Jeanette R, UK

Reiki changed my life. – Gabor, Hungary

To see the Summary Findings and download the 110 page Full Report:

About Elaine Hamilton Grundy

Elaine has been a Reiki teacher for 25 years. She has also spent a decade in corporate market research, putting it to good use to manage the Global Reiki Survey. She founded the Reiki Centre in 2007 and has trained thousands of people in the gentle and effective art of Reiki. Elaine is author of two books: “Reiki, Pure and Simple, a beginners guide published in 2010 and “Reiki – A Path to Freedom” an advanced guide to spiritual integrity, published last year.

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