Dalton, GA Law Firm Provides Expert Advice to City Residents Facing Legal Challenges

Tommy D. Goddard offers expert services and free, no-obligation consultations to local residents facing legal issues primarily relating to personal injury claims, family adoption challenges, and social security disputes. With offices in Dalton, GA, the attorneys mainly support clients resident in the state of Georgia, and also slightly further afield in Tennessee. 

With years of experience in the local Bar, Mr. Goddard have particular specialty in personal injury cases. These have included representing clients in cases involving malpractice, negligence or misconduct of medical professionals, injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, and compensation claims against employer negligence.

The firm also offers assistance with challenges relating to parenthood, including adoption, or obtaining social security payments from a former spouse. Whichever challenges a client is facing, Goddard takes pride in offering compassion and professionalism in equal measure in order to guide their client as smoothly and successfully through the process as possible.

The practice is also proud to offer services to clients irrespective of their financial circumstances. In addition to the free, confidential initial consultation sessions that are offered, the way the firm is paid in personal injury cases is to be paid at the conclusion of the case from the funds they obtain on behalf of their client. At the initial consultation, the firm encourages clients to be as open as possible and provide details, however small, of each and every aspect of the case in order to assist in building as full a picture as possible.

Mr. Goddard is known across the state for providing top quality legal advice. For citizens struggling to bring the right case for an injustice, or in an effort to resolve a family, personal injury or social security related matter, the firm are the go-to experts in their field. With a combination of years of experience, relationships with and knowledge of the local and state legal apparatus, and expertise in their field, Goddardis perfectly placed to help, no matter what the issue is.

The firm’s auto accident services extend to assisting clients that have suffered large hospital costs and vehicle repairs as a result of another person’s negligence. Cases can also be made for loss of earnings while the client recovered from the incident, and in more severe cases, from permanent loss of income should the injury be too severe for the person to continue in work. In instances where a person unfortunately dies as a result of an auto accident, Goddard represent and work with the victim’s family to achieve the best possible outcome to support the family and provide them with a sufficient compensation package to make the best of an awful situation.

About Goddard and Hammontree LLC

Goddard and Hammontree LLC are experienced lawyers located in Dalton, GA. With specialty in cases involving personal injury, adoption and social security claims, the firm also represent clients who have experience malpractice at the hands of medical professionals or institutions. The firm operate primarily in Georgia, and also have clients in Tennessee.

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