Offline marketing is still an essential component for businesses

Offline marketing is still an essential component for businesses

“Various type of traditional marketing such as printing services, flyers & brochures distribution.”
Offline direct marketing methods such as flyer distribution and printing services still has positive effect on businesses, find out the benefits and advantage each method carries.

SBS Prints Sdn Bhd touches light on the various types of offline direct marketing methods such as Flyer Distribution and Printing Services has on businesses, as well as the benefits and advantage each method carries.

SBS Prints stated that one of the most traditional yet effective method of offline direct marketing would be the flyer distribution method as it provides a direct & clear cut message to clients due to the simple yet efficient design of flyers. The low production period and low cost of flyer distribution service are one of the major selling points of which SBS Prints’ clients are hugely satisfied with during their engagement of this particular service. With that being said, SBS Prints is widely known to be the first and only company in Malaysia(as of August 14 2020) to be awarded an ISO 9001: 2015 for their flyer distribution services, providing many procedures which give an ease of mind to their clients such as – SMS Updates, GPS Tracking and Flyer Pick up services, to name a few.

In one of their articles, SBS Prints sheds some knowledge on the importance of printing services have for businesses, and how most business owners tend to underestimate the importance and influence print-based marketing have during this era of digitalism. One crucial takeaway from the written article is that printing services provide customers with a physical presence of authenticity and genuinity , leaving a long lasting impression and a solid reminder of brand presence which can reach a wide targeted audience, unlike a fleeting online advertisement which some may find bothersome and can also be faded into the background.

In order to provide quality printing services in Malaysia, the material required for distribution and advertisement must first be selected and printed. This is the reason why SBS Prints has also shared some details about Inkjet Printing and it’s advantages. According to SBS Prints, inkjet printers are easily one of the most popular form of printing today as they are have attractive purchase prices which are wallet friendly whilst also being lightweight and portable which is suitable to be used in cramped spaces or frequent travelling professionals. Inkjet printers produce high quality coloured images and text documents with technology that allows ink droplets to be precisely mounted with resolutions as high as 1400 inches (dpi) per inch with little to no warm up time despite the longer duration of printing compared to laser printers.

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