Only One Week Left To Help Svetlanda Mila Tolpin Save The World

Cincinnati, Ohio – Svetlana Mila Tolpin is a kid needing your help saving herself, saving her family, saving  her community and saving the world from the global pandemic affecting us all.  The Indiegogo campaign for her book DEAR WORLD LEADER PLEASE MAKE THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC GO AWAY ends next week.

Of course even Svetlana knows she cannot save the world by herself. That is why her book is an open letter to world leaders, presidents, kings and queens, princes and princesses, prime ministers, emperors, empresses, grand poobahs and chiefs, to encourage them to do so.

Along with her grandmother and maybe the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, the little girl with Tourette syndrome hopes to set our world leaders straight.  Along the way she also manages to teach kids about safety and personal empowerment during the pandemic.

Many parents are struggling hard to explain to their children, especially small children, the challenges we all face because of the pandemic. This book is for them to share with their kids while enjoying a laugh or two about what it means to truly grow up at any age.

Teachers may also find DEAR WORLD LEADER PLEASE MAKE THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC GO AWAY a useful and timely resource.

These are anxious times. We all have reason to fear sneezers and even strange toilets and other unusual dangers lurking everywhere.  Svetlana is no different than the rest of us except that she is compulsive about telling the truth the best she can. Perhaps, we all need to listen to her.

There is hope, Svetlana assures us over and over again. We all need to pull together and do the right thing today. Meanwhile scientists are developing vaccines and exciting way for us all to train our bodies to fight off the virus causing  the current pandemic and nip future ones in the bud. Even animals will benefit from the research when new medical techniques surrounding trained immunity now in their very early stages take hold.

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