FoodStorm’s Online Catering Software Comes To The Aid Of The Food Industry During Global Pandemic

FoodStorm’s Online Catering Software Comes To The Aid Of The Food Industry During Global Pandemic
FoodStorm is a premium catering software that allows for placing online orders from a catering service provider, along with a host of other features such as CMS, customer management, reporting, etc. The software has been turning heads since it was introduced.

In the world that we are in today, the very manner of doing business has changed – people are being forced to rethink the traditional methods and look at newer and more innovative ways – and the food industry is no different.

During the past few months, in the United States alone, while catering services in all its formats have been badly hit due to the global pandemic, online ordering has seen a sharp rise. Many restaurants and catering services across the country are now looking at delivering food to the doorsteps of their patrons, rather them having come to them. In such a scenario, restaurants and catering services are looking to have software that allows them to manage all their orders, efficiently and effectively online and this is where FoodStorm comes into the picture.

FoodStorm, a premium catering software and catering management solutions company, is leading the charge in more manners than one. FoodStorm has been in the food industry for close to a decade now and what started out as a simple method to allow catering companies to keep tabs on their work has grown to so much more. Today, they offer services related to retail catering, onsite, corporate and event catering, grocers, food service management businesses and most importantly, online ordering.

FoodStorm’s catering software is designed to assist any entity in the food industry handle their orders and services in a much better manner. So, anything from online ordering to tracking the order, from invoicing and payments to reporting and integration there is little that one will not be able to do with this software.

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Here’s why FoodStorm’s software is becoming the need of the hour for several American food industry players, especially during the global pandemic:

• Given that FoodStorm is ideal for businesses of any size, it appeals to everyone in the industry – so, whether it is a small time caterer or someone who has a global presence, this software will work for everyone. As a matter of fact, FoodStorm is already being used by some of the biggest names in the industry including Compass Group, Sodexo, Roche Brothers Supermarkets, Fresh&Co, Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market, Kings Food Markets, Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace and Bourke Street Bakery New York, to name a few.

• Being one of the most configurable and flexible solutions in the market, this one software is all any food industry presence will need – each entity will be able to customize it as per their own requirements, adding or removing categories. A small business owner can use the shopping cart for customers to place their orders and the customer relationship management to not only manage clients, but also market future offers. For a larger organization, the same software offers automated versions of various tasks, such as managing and processing of invoices and payments, order intake, production and delivery. And no matter the size of the operation, it can all be operated from a phone or tablet, making the usage extremely simple!

• In addition to its flexibility, one of the reasons why several large enterprises trust and use FoodStorm is because it has one of the highest levels of data security. The software is hosted on data centers that hold the highest certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001.

In the current times, online ordering could very well prove to be the lifeline for small and large hospitality organizations alike. FoodStorm’s online ordering and tracking systems are some of the smartest and most efficient in the market, allowing businesses to reduce the working man hours drastically, without compromising on accuracy. FoodStorm also boasts of an excellent customer care team that assists each new client closely; helping them set up the system and even offering training on how to operate and configure the system in tandem with their particular needs.

As news of FoodStorm’s capabilities spreads, more and more people in the food industry will be looking at utilizing this leading all in one solution!

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