Schedge Launches Subscription Service For Windshield Wiper Replacement

Schedge Launches Subscription Service For Windshield Wiper Replacement
Taking a new approach to windshield wipers, Schedge has announced a new subscription service for wiper blade replacement. Schedge launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter earlier this week, raising more than $80,958 in one week with the backing of more than 1,129 supporters. Their most popular reward option offers pledgers a set of wiper blade frames and a lifetime subscription to wiper blade refills.

Greensboro, NC – Aug 18, 2020 – Founded by auto-parts entrepreneur Casey Cutsail, Schedge was developed to simplify vehicle maintenance by auto-shipping wiper blade refills to customers. While competitors require consumers to replace the entire wiper blade assembly, Schedge has developed products that allow for the rubber blade insert to be easily replaced.

After a one-time purchase of wiper blade frames – customized to fit any car and backed by a lifetime warranty – subscribers will get new wiper blade inserts auto-shipped to them as needed. The inserts are 100% rubber, made in the United States. Schedge offers two options for wiper blade frames, the value-focused Sabre conventional blade and the premium Katana beam blade. Customers can also choose from two options with refills, a graphite-coated insert or a Hydroshield water-repelling refill.
“When 22% of accidents in the US are weather-related, it makes sense to reduce your risk by having a clearer windshield in all kinds of weather,” says Cutsail. “Most people put off changing their wipers until they see streaking and smearing because it requires a trip to a mechanic or an auto parts store. With Schedge, you can check wiper replacement off your to-do list.”
Motivated by a desire to simplify vehicle maintenance for the consumer, the Schedge team designed their products and subscription service to save customers money and time and to reduce waste. With only the wiper blade refill being replaced, rather than the entire wiper blade assembly, the Schedge process reduces waste by 75%. In addition, Schedge donates a portion of every purchase to water-related disaster relief.
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Schedge (pronounced “skedge”) offers a subscription service for windshield wiper blade replacement. Instead of replacing the entire wiper blade assembly, Schedge subscribers only replace the rubber wiper blade refills in a simple process with no tools needed.
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